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Web Services

The Web Services protocol is a modern and safe data communications solution for connections between the financial administration of a company and the systems of a bank.

Web Services protocol

The Web Services protocol is intended for the transmission of payment files between your company and the bank. The protocol is a connection type transmitting files, and in this respect it deviates from corporate netbank, which is interactive.

Your benefits:

  • The connection can be automated and timed. 
  • The data communications connection is always encrypted, so you do not need a separate VPN connection.

PKI certificate

The Web Services connection identifies customers with a PKI certificate (Nordea eID), which corporates can retrieve from Nordea with their own bank connection software.

The software should send a request for a certificate which consists of the customer name, user ID and country code of the customer stated in the agreement. The request is secured with an activation code received via an SMS message delivered to the mobile phone number of the administrator specified in the agreement.

If your bank connection software does not have a feature for downloading the certificate, you can download the Nordea Security Client (NSC) by choosing “Certificate Download: Download of Nordea Security Client” below. Once downloaded you can start the client and fill in the customer name, user ID, country code, and activation code received via SMS, and send the certificate request. 

You can also refer to "Nordea Security Client-User Guide" for more detailed instruction. When you receive the certificate, you have to give a password to protect it. You can export the certificate directly for the use of the bank connection software, or it can be stored locally on the windows certificate store. Please refer to the detailed instruction available in the bottom of this page.

A retrieved certificate is valid for two years. It is your company's responsibility to renew it before it expires. Some bank connection software will notify the user of the certificate's expiry in advance, enabling users to renew their certificate without an interruption to the service. 

Depending on the software, the renewal may be done fully automatically or you can download a new certificate as described above, for which you can order a new activation code from Nordea Business Centre or from Nordea's E-support for Corporate Customers, tel. 0200 67230 (local network charge/mobile call charge), provided that the administrator's mobile phone number is saved in the bank's agreement register. An activation code is valid for 7 days.

Certificate Download

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  2. Nordea Security Client - User Guide (pdf, 763 KB)Opens new window
  3. How to export a certificate to a PSKC #12 file (pdf, 660 KB)Opens new window
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Start using

How to start using the services

Your company must make an agreement on the use of the Web Services protocol with Nordea. You can start using the service by calling Nordea Business Centre. In addition, you need bank connection software that supports the Web Services protocol. In Finland the use of the protocol so far requires local agreements.

The PKI certificate is used for identifying a customer in the Web Services protocol. 

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