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Check the data contents

You can check the data contents of SEPA payments and other payment types sent to the Corporate Payments Service by downloading the payment message to the testing tool for credit transfer. Select a message description corresponding to the payment type and check the message. The testing tool for credit transfer includes a check-up for a payment message sent via Corporate eGateway. In the e-invoice testing tool you can check e-invoices in the Finvoice format.


Tools for the format check of Finvoice messages

You can use the Finvoice testing tool, offered by Nordea, for checking the format and, to some extent, logical correctness of the structure of the messages formed by your software.

The tool is easy to use, and you get a reply right away. No data on the message is stored in Nordea's systems. 

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By using the tool you can test 

E-invoice in the Finvoice format 

Nordea offers the service free of charge to its customers.

The Finvoice testing service is produced by XMLdation Oy. By accepting your transfer by clicking Start, you will move away from Nordea's website to a service provided by XMLdation Oy. You are required to agree on the use of the service and its terms and conditions with XMLdation Oy. Nordea is not a party to the agreement in question and is not liable for the content, functioning, provision nor availability of the service in any respect.

During the registration process you need a code. To retrieve the code, please contact E-support

XMLdation Oy is responsible for support regarding the usage of the service. Any questions related to the report from the testing service can be directed to your software vendor or you may consult the Finvoice Service Descriptions provided by FAOpens new window.

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