Information for software houses

On these pages you will find Nordea Bank Finland's service descriptions, instructions and example files for testing.

Service descriptions and testing tools for Corporate Access File Transfer are available at nordea.comOpens new window.

Nordea publishes a quarterly bulletin called Business Partners for software houses. This bulletin covers all the Nordic countries. The bulletin will automatically be sent to the subscribers of the software house bulletin. If you are not yet a subscriber, you can subscribe to the bulletin from the link at the right-hand side of the page. You can read the previous bulletins at nordea.comOpens new window.

The roles of parties in the development and maintenance of payment services

Nordea's role

  • To develop and maintain the bank's services and to provide them to the customers.
  • To support the introduction of the bank's services and provide help during their use.
  • To engage in active cooperation with software houses and various operators in the financial sector.

Customer's role

  • To use financial administration and bank connection software.
  • To agree with the bank on the introduction of necessary services.
  • To agree with software house on the connection of the banking services to their financial adminstration.

Software house's role

  • To produce, maintain and develop the customer's financial administration and bank connection software.
  • To provide support to the customer in matters relating to the their software.
  • To engage in active cooperation with both customers and banks.