AutoFX Hedging

It offers you an easy access to hedging automation and allows you to stay in control of the process by using your own hedging rules.

Automate your FX hedging with your own rules without losing control

Companies involved in international business face significant risks with currency fluctuations when buying or selling goods in foreign currency. Automated FX hedging can help to protect your business from foreign exchange risk fully automated and according to your own hedging policy.



Watch, how AutoFX Hedging can help to protect your business from foreign exchange risk

How does AutoFX Hedging work?

AutoFX Hedging is a modern cloud platform that is easily accessible via a web browser.  It takes the traditional hedging workflow to a new level of efficiency by automating the manual calculation of FX exposure and streamlining your forex hedging process.  

With hedging automation, you can skip the error-prone manual work. However, it doesn't mean that your role will be diminished or replaced by technology. The automation of administrative tasks simply frees up your time for higher-value, strategic planning thinking. It enables you to concentrate on analysing your company’s needs, outlining your FX policy and the creating a functional hedging strategy. These are needed when setting the parameters, as well as overseeing, assessing, and readjusting the automation hedging processes.  

Here´s an example of the streamlined FX trade workflow: 

  1. Identify the nature your FX exposures, define your FX policy and your hedging strategy. 
  2. Set your FX risk policy or your rules for hedging in AutoFX Hedging. This needs to be done naturally only once. 
  3. Fetch the order items from your ERP by pressing one button or by dragging and dropping your Excel file into the system.  
  4. AutoFX Hedging combines your order items with open FX trades according to your policy and tells you which trades are needed – automatically! 
  5. You can then execute the trades in AutoFX Hedging with one click.  

There is no need to transfer data or send e-mails back and forth, as all the approvals and documentation can be done in AutoFX Hedging.  

With AutoFX Hedging, you can use individual orders, invoices or rough cash flow forecasts as basis for hedging. You can choose between 1-to-1 hedging and use individual orders or invoices, or forecast-based hedging with easy to update cash flow forecasts.  


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