Ensure that you have enough time to carry out the acquisition

Finding a buyer for your company may take months. You may have to negotiate with several buyer candidates before making the final deal. 

You can facilitate a successful acquisition by incorporating real estate or part of the business or by changing your business entity type. The tax planning related to these means that you will have to start the process at least a year before completing the sale.


Turn to Nordea's experts

Nordea will help you to plan financing and pensions. You will find other experts you might need through our network of partners.

Did you find a successor in your family?

When your relative is taking over your company after you, you can plan the transfer of the business together. The transfer to the next generation can be implemented by selling or donating the share capital or the partnership share or as a transfer of a business.

Think about your other heirs as well

If only some of your children will continue your business, it may feel fair to give a deed of gift to the other children or take them into consideration when making your will.

Get information on taxation in advance

The tax authority grants special exemptions in the case of succession, and to use these benefits, you should contact an expert well in advance.

Several options in financing acquisitions

Loan from a bank is the most common way to finance an acquisition. In larger acquisitions, Nordea can organise financing in cooperation with several financiers.

In addition to a traditional bank loan, through a bank or an insurance company you have access to financing with special terms. Venture capitalists may also grant equity financing to companies in which the value of the investment may increase through the growth or the development of the business.

Companies benefit from financing their acquisitions with Nordea

  • Nordea will provide your company with expert support in planning your financing.
  • We will organise your financing in cooperation with other financiers.

Investing the funds from an acquisition

Often in an acquisition, the seller will receive a substantial sum of money. It is a good idea to discuss investing that money with Nordea's experts. You can also read more about the asset management services offered by Nordean Private Banking.

Private individual as the seller

You must pay taxes for any capital gains, excluding certain situations where the company is handed over to the next generation. Otherwise, you are free to decide what kinds of investments you want to make.

You can read more about our investment alternatives on the following pages: Funds and Investments.

Company as the seller

If the seller company does not need all the funds received from the sales to develop its other business operations, to pay extra dividends or to improve its liquidity, it may invest the funds or part of them profitably.

Read more about investment alternatives for companies on the following pages: Funds for businesses, and investment products and services for businesses.