Your company has a lot to gain by working with sustainability

A sustainability focus is not just a demand from consumers and regulators. Most of all, it’s an investment in your company’s future. We want to help you get started!

Minimising risk

Working with problems related to sustainability helps you get a better understanding of your company’s risks and how they can be handled. It helps you to:

  • avoid reputational risk.
  • mitigate the risk of sanctions, penalties and fines.
  • map the climate risk across the entire supply chain.

You see opportunities

When you and your company transition to a sustainable future, you will also get the opportunity to:

  • strengthen your brand and gain a competitive advantage.
  • be attractive to your company’s stakeholders (for example as an employer and investee).
  • stay on top of existing legislation and guidelines and prepare for future changes. Things change quickly and it pays off to be prepared.

Sustainability is here to stay

“There are multiple reasons why companies must prepare for the green transition. They must be proactive when it comes to new legislation, requirements and regulation, ready to identify new opportunities and risks, be one step ahead of their competition and be attractive to their stakeholders. And not least, integrating sustainability in the business model is of great importance to future-proof the business, as sustainability and profitability are two sides of the same coin.” 

Kristina Løvenskiold, sustainability expert at Business Banking, Nordea

Top reasons why Nordic businesses focus on sustainability

44% customer expectations

39% improving the company’s reputation

17% laws and regulations

21% included in the company’s purpose

Nordea Business Banking Sustainability Survey 2021

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