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Digital services for companies

Our wide range of online and mobile services will make your company’s daily banking easier. The code app provides easy access to your Netbank and Mobile Bank. You can also make investments and engage in FX trading online. In addition, you can send files between your company and Nordea.

Nordea ID app

Forget the physical code card and ruling out the used codes. With the app you can identify yourself and confirm transactions in both Netbank and Mobilebank.

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Nordea Business Mobile – Mobile Bank

With Nordea Business Mobile you can do your banking conveniently whenever, wherever.

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Code calculator for corporate customers

The code calculator makes banking with access codes safer. It is one of the authentication options which Nordea offers to its customers.

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Corporate netbank

The service is available to you whenever you have the time to use it.

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With e-identification you can identify your personal customers reliably.

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File transfer

A data transmission channel for electronic bank service files that covers all basic services for payments.

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Web Services

The Web Services protocol is a modern and safe data communications solution for connections between the financial administration of a company and the systems of a bank.

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e-Markets is a tool for better currency management and trading.

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