Order financial statements

Open the services you need for your company’s financial statements and you will be able to download the digital documents. The previous month’s statements become available on the fifth banking day of each month. If necessary, you can also order the files by post.

How would you like to receive your financial statement files?

Nordea Business netbank

Download the financial statement files easily from Nordea Business online bank

  • You can find your balance statements as well as your liability and security statements in Nordea Business under the Finances tab. 
  • Services may require separate activation. You can start using services via chat in Nordea BusinessOpens new window
  • The service fee is based on the number of retrievals. The fee for balance statements is 7 euros, for e-liabilities 10 euros and for e-security 5 euros. 
  • The previous month’s files become available on the fifth banking day of each month. 
  • The printouts are available in Finnish, Swedish or English.
  • You can download the files retroactively 18 months back.
  • The statement of certificates of deposit and fund extract are available for delivery under Services tabOpens new window.
Web Services
Corporate Netbank
Delivery by post

Checklist for year-end financial statements

  • Make sure that you have opened the necessary services in Nordea Business under the Finances tab (balance statements and electronic liability and collateral statements). 
  • If you haven’t yet opened these services, we recommend that you do so well in advance by contacting us via chat or by filling in the power of attorney for payments.
  • The digital files will become available on 9 January 2023.
  • If you have forgotten to open the services or your company is not using a digital solution, you can order the statements by filling in this form.

How do electronic services benefit your company?

  • You can download these monthly printouts via Netbank or file transfer any time of the day.
  • Your company can also authorise an accounting firm, a house managing agency, an accounting firm or another group company to download the material from file transfer at the same price.
  • It is also possible to download the printouts retroactively: from file transfer 4 months back and from Nordea Business netbank 18 months back.

Frequently asked questions about ordering financial statement files