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It’s not a coincidence that over 75% of Finnish start-ups companies have chosen Nordea as their banking partner. Our Startup & Growth Unit is specialized to offer startup and growth companies professional service and comprehensive financial solutions to suit your needs.

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Our Start up & Growth unit is at your disposal no matter where you are located in Finland. Let's start discussions regarding your business plan and see how our services and network can help you to succeed!

Growth loan

A growth loan is a tool for a start-up company with more advanced business operations. It aims at enabling strong growth in net sales. A growth loan is typically combined with one or several financing instruments and the collateral arrangement of the entire financing package is agreed as appropriate.

Venture Funding

Venture Funding is a service concept developed by Nordea. In this concept we match professional investors and our wealthy private investor customers with growth companies in need of capital. Venture Funding is best suited for slightly more advanced companies which have established their operations and are applying for a larger financing package. 


Crowdfunding is a visible way to gather new capital digitally. It is an excellent source of funding for early-stage companies making use of the consumer business operations and strong storytelling. In crowdfunding small one-time investments enable companies to gather a large group of shareholders and supporters.  


A start-up loan is well-suited to a company in the early stage which already has concrete deals or strong potential to build up commercial cash flow. The terms and conditions concerning collateral are flexible and tailored specifically to each company. 

Junior loan

Junior loan is a way to finance growth and keep the company's shareholdings unchanged. We will look for a suitable junior loan partner from our network to supplement our growth loan.