Do I need security for a corporate credit?

The future and liquidity of your business are the main justifications for a financial decision. In addition a guarantee is needed in case the cash flow isn't enough to cover the credit. Credit guarantee can be for example a business mortgage instead of the usual guarantees like an apartment or a mortgage. Finnvera's guarantees can also cover a significant amount of the credit's guarantees.


FinnveraOpens new window, Garantia and the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) grant guarantees for corporate credits on certain conditions. The company's owners, a personal customer or another company can also provide a guarantee. Nordea can issue bank guarantee on your company's behalf for the benefit of a contractual partner.


 The following can be pledged as security:

  • shares in a housing company
  • real estate
  • business premises
  • business mortgage
  • deposit
  • shares.
Object security

The financed object serves as the security in finance company products, such as leasing, hire purchase and Recourse Factoring.

Without security

Sometimes no security is required because the company's business operations are profitable or the credit amount does not require any.