Corporate loan

With a euro loan you can finance your company's investments and expansion of business.

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Corporate FlexiCredit

Corporate FlexiCredit is a quick and easy corporate loan up to 25,000 euros without security.

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Currency loan Opens new window

A currency loan is particularly suitable for companies with income or investments in a foreign currency.

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Corporate loan with an interest rate cap

Hedge your loans against rising reference rates at an affordable price and retain the full benefit in case the reference rates fall.

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Housing company loan Opens new window

Credited renovation account for the time of the renovation - after that a renovation loan.

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Leasing won't tie your company's assets in owning. You only pay for the use of the equipment. Service is provided by Nordea Finance.

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Hire purchase

Finance up to 70% of the acquisition price. The financed object will serve as security.

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