Business loan customised to your needs

A euro loan is a corporate loan with which you can easily finance your company's various investments or expand your business operations, for example.

Benefits of a business loan to your company

  • A business loan, i.e. euro loan, is a flexible form of finance. We will customise a solution for your company’s needs.
  • The interest, loan period, repayment method and instalment-free periods of a business loan and other loan terms and conditions can be adjusted to your company’s needs.
  • A business loan enables you to develop, expand or renew your business operations. By making investments, your company can also contribute to its competitiveness and the future of its business.
What is a business loan suited for?

What is a business loan suited for?

  • Modernisation of machinery
  • Expansion of business premises
  • Development, expansion or renewal of business operations
  • Other investments necessary for the business

With a business loan you can make large investments that you would not necessarily make without finance. In fact, a company may rely for its very existence on an investment if, for example, it has lost competitiveness and is being left behind by the other actors in its sector due to its outdated machinery. However, companies should also invest when their business is on the right track.

How much corporate loan can my company take out?
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How to apply for a business loan?

A business loan is a fully customisable form of finance

The flexibility of a business loan is further enhanced by the possibility of agreeing on amendments to the loan terms and conditions during the loan period. The truth is that not even the wisest entrepreneur is able to predict what the future will bring. If unexpected changes occur in its business, the company can still survive if the terms and conditions of its business loan can be adjusted to the prevailing circumstances. In addition, customers can add different kinds of interest rate hedges to their business loans.

Still comparing different financing options?

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