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Nordea Startup & Growth: Supporting high-growth companies

Many people have good ideas but very few manage to turn them into successful businesses. You have to have the right skill set, raise finance and find the right partners. Our Startup & Growth unit specialises in helping startups looking for fast growth.

A trusted partner who knows your needs

Our Startup & Growth unit specialises in serving high-growth companies and companies in their early stages looking for fast growth. We want to build long-term customer relationships and be the partner that supports businesses to grow and succeed throughout their life cycle. 

We strive to offer great customer experiences by spending a great deal of time mentoring the entrepreneurs and supporting them in developing their skills. Our loan solutions are the most competitive on the market and designed specifically to meet the needs of new businesses and more established companies moving into a high growth phase. 

In our team, we also have a Startup & Growth Private Banker specialised in the wealth management and advisory needs of startup entrepreneurs.

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Financing startup companies and other services for growth

There are endless possibilities and therefore we must discuss what is the right financial solution for you at this point. We offer flexible financing solutions for the growth phase. And we can connect startups like yours with relevant venture partners. Get an idea of the variety of funding sources you can access from here

Nordea Trade Portal and Trade Club are digital services designed to boost international growth. Trade Portal is a unique open source of information, including 180 country profiles, 20,000 market reports as well as databases and tools to support foreign trade. Trade Club is a network of 15,000 corporate customers of Nordea and our selected partner banks designed to help everyone in the network find new business partners and customers across 22 countries. 

Our partners: A strong network across Finland and around the world

With the help of our extensive network, we can connect growth-hungry businesses with leading venture capitalists, accelerator programmes and other stakeholders. This allows us to strengthen the Finnish growth ecosystem and create even better conditions for success.  

We provide VC funds and venture partners with syndicated finance arrangements so that they can facilitate faster growth for the companies they invest in. Our customer base offers them plenty of new investment opportunities. In addition, we offer bridge financing on capital calls and act as an active intermediary at the exit stage. We also invest in venture capital funds. 

Our scouting service helps the M&A and R&D departments of our large corporate customers to find interesting opportunities among our customer base.

Accelerator programmes and other stakeholders, such as FiBANOpens new windowKasvu OpenOpens new window and Maria01Opens new window, get new customers, mentors, trainers, speakers and support through us. 

Our customers: Entrepreneurs who want more

  • We have been chosen by 75% of Finnish startups as their partner on their growth path. 
  • Our customers include 2,500 companies with a scalable business model across Finland. 
  • We have extensive experience in various sectors, especially in the tech and health business. 
  • As many as half of our customers have taken a loan solution from us. 
  • We have Startup & Growth Units in all the Nordics. You benefit from their collaborative work of sharing knowledge, expanding and nurturing our global network, and much more.
  • We are actively looking for new partners among our customers to develop our services and to invest in through our venture activities. 

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