Start where you can make the biggest impact

Start with the areas where your company has the biggest impact and can contribute the most. Trying to do everything at the same time can be difficult and really resource-demanding. Once you have started, you can expand your sustainability efforts step by step by following our sustainability guide. Read more about the five-step plan on this page.

Five steps to sustainability

Are you wondering how to get started with sustainability? We recommend you take one step at a time. It’s not necessary for your company to have an overview of all sustainability factors. The most important thing is that you choose the area you want to start with, and then move on in the right direction. Get started by following our five steps. 

1. Laws and regulations
2. Stakeholders
3. UN Sustainable Development Goals
4. ESG risks
5. Action plan

Investments focusing on sustainability and green financing

Finances and funding are at the core of every company, and your company could make a major difference by making sustainable choices in this area. Your company can benefit from favourable and sustainable solutions for savings and loans.  

Read more about our green product areas below: