What is the Nordea ID app?

Nordea ID is a mobile app that you can use for

  • online and mobile banking
  • secure online payments
  • verifying your identity when you call Nordea Business Centre.

Tip: it is worthwhile to download the app on several mobile devices.

If you don’t use any mobile devices, you can order a Nordea ID device as an alternative means of identification.

Benefits of the Nordea ID app

  • Access codes always in your mobile device.
  • You will never run out of codes.
  • Secure and easy to use.
  • It is easy to give additional payment confirmation.
  • You can verify that a phone call you receive actually comes from Nordea.
  • You can confirm your online payments securely.

On what devices does the Nordea ID app work?

The Nordea ID app works with iPhone and Android phones as well as iPad and Android tablets using the following operating system versions:

  • iOS 10 and later versions
  • Android 6 and later versions.
Start using the Nordea ID app as a corporate customer
How to reactivate the Nordea ID app on a new device using an existing device
Adding another user account
If you switch or lose your phone

How to start using the Nordea ID app

Download the Nordea ID app to your mobile device from your app store. If you are already using Nordea ID for your personal banking, you can easily add your company’s user profile to the same app.

  1. To activate the Nordea ID app, you need an activation code and a temporary PIN that you get by calling Nordea Business Centre, tel 0200 26262.
  2. Once you have the activation code and the temporary PIN, you can do the activation. The app will guide you through each step. Follow the instructions and enter the activation code and the temporary PIN in the app. 
  3. Select a personal PIN that you will use to log in and confirm payments. Finally, name your user profile.
  4. Nordea ID is now ready to use!

The QR code allows you to use the code app on several devices

We recommend that you do not rely on just one Nordea ID app. You should also have it activated on another device or have the code calculator ready to ensure you can continue banking even if your phone breaks, for instance. You can

  • download the code app to your smartphone and tablet
  • add your user profile to your spouse’s code app, for example. 

If you have the app on one device, such as your smartphone, you can use it to activate the Nordea ID app on another device, such as your tablet. You can do this easily with a QR code – no separate activation codes needed. 

How to add a user profile to the Nordea ID app

You can add more than one user profile to the same Nordea ID app. 

  1. Open the app on the device to which you want to add a user profile.
  2. Open the settings and select “Add user”.
  3. Follow the “Activation with a QR code” instructions from section 4 onwards.

Activation with a QR code 

From an old device to a new one 

  1. Download the Nordea ID app on a new device from your app store.
  2. Make sure that both your old and new device have the latest app version and that both your devices have a network connection. You can obtain a network connection either with mobile data (SIM card), a wireless network (wi-fi) or by sharing a network connection from another device.
  3. Check what the latest app version is from the app store of your device. You can find out the app version by opening the code app and selecting Instructions: the version number is shown at the bottom of the page. You should activate the automatic updating for the code app in the settings of your smart device to make sure that you are always using the latest app version. 
  4. Open the code app on your new device and select your customer group.
    1. Select "Nordea Finland".
    2. Select the language in which you want to use the app. 
    3. Select “Nordea Business customer”.
    4. Select “Activate on this device” and follow the instructions in the app.
    5. Log in to your old device.
    6. Select the user for whom you want to activate the code app on the new device.
    7. Select “Activate on another device”. 
    8. Enter your Nordea Business access codes and the PIN for the app.
    9. The app now creates a QR code with which you can activate the Nordea ID app on another device.
    10. Go back to your new device and read the QR code from the old device with the scanner that was opened automatically after reading through the instructions on the new device.
    11. Once the QR code has been read, you are prompted to create a PIN and to give a name to your user profile. 
    12. The Nordea ID app has now been activated and you can close your old device. 

How to add a new user profile to the code app

You can use the same code app to manage both your personal banking and several companies’ banking by creating multiple user profiles.

  1. Open the app and tap the menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Select “Add user”.
  3. Select “Nordea Suomi”.
  4. Select the language.
  5. Add a new user by following the instructions in the app.

Tip: download the code app on several mobile devices to ensure that you can continue banking even if you lose or break your primary device.


What should be done if you switch phones or your phone is lost?

  • Log in to your Nordea Business netbank with the codes app of your old mobile device or with a code calculator.  If you cannot log in to the Netbank, please contact Nordea Business Centre.
  • Download the code app from an app store to your new mobile device.
  • Note that you need both the one-time activation code and the temporary PIN code for the activation. 
  • NB If you enter the activation code before the temporary PIN code has arrived, the activation code will no longer work.

If possible, download the code app on more than one mobile device. 


Secure use of online access codes

Never surrender your access codes to another person. Memorise your user ID and the PIN code to Nordea Codes. Keep your user ID separate from your Nordea ID app.

How does the app work?

When you enter your personal PIN in the code app, it will give changing transaction-specific codes to you. If your mobile device has a data connection, the app will send the code to Nordea in an encrypted network on your behalf.

Without a data connection, the app will show the code on the mobile device's display, where you can copy it to the service you want to use.

The app's security is based on four factors: PIN code, mobile device, access codes, and connection. Always make sure that the device you use is passcode-protected. Always check each transaction and never confirm transactions you have not initiated yourself.

PIN code
Mobile device

PIN code

  • Only you know your PIN code.
  • The code is both application- and device-specific.
  • If you enter an incorrect PIN code five times in a row, the app will be locked for 24 hours.
  • The PIN code will not be saved on the mobile device. The PIN code will be erased from the device memory as soon as the app has finished calculating one-time codes


  • The app sends one-time codes to the bank in the background.
  • There are three types of one-time codes depending on usage: Login, Confirmation and Identification.
  • The codes are single-use and transaction-specific.
  • The codes used for confirmation are time-bound.

Mobile device

  • The code app is tied to the device. If someone tries to copy the app to another device, the copied version will not work.
  • The other apps in a mobile device cannot access the information of the code app.
  • If the device's data security is broken, the code app's information will be automatically deleted.


The connection between the code app and Nordea is SSL/TLS encrypted.

The Nordea code app works on Apple and Android devices in following versions:

  • iOS 10 or later
  • Android 6 or later or Android 4