Corporate FlexiCredit

Corporate FlexiCredit is a quick and easy corporate loan up to 25,000 euros without collateral. FlexiCredit suits companies’ varied financing needs, such as making unexpected acquisitions, leveling off seasonal variations or utilizing cash discounts. As you are our customer, we can agree on your credit by phone.

Benefits for your business

  • Fast – we can give the credit decision after the negotiation and pay the cash to your bank account on the next banking day.
  • Easy – you can obtain a loan without collateral.
  • Convenient – as a Nordea customer, we can agree on your credit on phone.
  • Flexible – two installment-free months a year, and a possibility for 1–6 installment-free months for the beginning of the loan. 

Handy form of financing for your company

Corporate FlexiCredit is a suitable solution for a quick need of working capital and small investments up to 25,000 euros, such as:

  • Expanding business operations.
  • Making any necessary purchases for the business.
  • Utilizing cash discounts.
  • Preparing for unexpected expenses.
  • To balance seasonal fluctuations.

Features of Corporate FlexiCredit

With Corporate FlexiCredit your company can make small investments and purchases up to 25,000 euros. The credit period can vary from one month to 36 months.  

You can use the instalment-free months (two) right away or at a later date. However, the months cannot be consecutive. In addition, you can have grace period of 1-6 months at the beginning and can repay the credit early without extra costs. 

Your company is eligible for Corporate FlexiCredit if it has a good credit report and sufficient repayment capacity. When applying for a credit, you possibly need to provide your company's latest financial statement and/or budget calculations. 

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