Your benefits

Leasing means long-term rental of movable fixed assets, such as ICT and office equipment, furniture, plant and equipment as well as vehicles.

  • The financed asset serves as security
  • No capital tied to owning - your company only pays for the use of equipment
  • Enables up-to-date equipment portfolio management
  • Easier to budget and plan financing
  • Off-balance liability (NB. Groups applying IFRS follow the IFRS principles regarding corporate leasing.)


With leasing you do not need to reserve your company's assets for collateral because the financed object will serve as the primary security. After the lease period, you will have the option to extend the agreement at a low cost. With ICT equipment you will also have a purchase option.

  • The financed amount is the purchase price excluding tax.
  • The monthly lease depends on a larger first installment, if any, and the residual values that vary by equipment group.
  • The maximum lease period is 5 years.
  • The leases are debited on the annuity principle in advance at the interval of one month or three months.
  • The lease object must be delivered acceptably to the seller before payment.
  • The object must be insured; insurance can also be taken out through Nordea Finance.

Which one suits your company better: service or financial leasing?

The fundamental differences between service and financial leasing concern the residual value and service liability of the leased vehicle or equipment. In financial leasing, both are on the company’s liability, whereas in service leasing the agreement covers both servicing and the residual value within the framework of the agreement terms and conditions. 

See the leasing products below and find the one that is most suited to your company. 

Service leasing

Service leasing means long-term rental of vehicles and heavy-duty machinery in which your company only pays for the use of a vehicle. In a service leasing arrangement, servicing is included in the lease on the vehicle, contrary to what is the case with financial leasing. 

In service leasing, the parties agree on the lease period as well as the mileage; for example, 36 months/60,000 km. Service leasing is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars and vans to a large fleet of cars. The vehicles must be new. 


AssetMaster is a leasing limit within which you can purchase and finance movable fixed assets. The terms and conditions of the leasing limit are laid down in a framework agreement, which means that there is no need for any individual lease agreements.

In practice, the vendor sends the invoice on your purchase directly to Nordea Finance Finland and you will accept it for financing in their online service. The lease payments enable you to use the limit for any new purchases.