Your benefits

  • Improved liquidity
  • Buyers are more punctual with their payments when the financier sends reminders.
  • Facility limit will be adjusted according to the needs of your business
  • You can improve your company’s competitiveness by utilising different payment terms.
  • You can streamline your operations by outsourcing routines

Invoice financing is a good choice, if your company wants to improve its liquidity or make dunning process more efficient. It is and excellent solution for companies, which want to fund the growth or strong seasonal changes.


Invoice financing speeds up the cash flow from realised sales and accelerates the money flow. Your company will receive up to 80 % of the amount of the invoice on the next banking day and the rest when the buyer pays the invoice.

Invoice financing is suitable for

  • B2B invoices
  • When the customer base is mainly established
  • Annual invoicing volume is above 1 mEUR (incl. VAT)

Invoice financing is not suitable for

  • B2C invoices (consumers)
  • Start-up enterprises
  • Invoicing based on instalments

Export receivables

Invoice financing is a handy solution  for the challenges of exporting; lack of working capital arising from long payment terms and the risk relating to the foreign buyer’s repayment capability.

Benefits for exporting company

  • Good liquidity despite of the long payment terms
  • Cover against credit losses up to 90 % through credit insurance
  • Easier administration of export trade