Offer your customers a way to make payments from other banks

We have upgraded our e-payment service and added a new feature that allows you to offer your customers a way to make payments from their accounts with other banks. This features redirects the customer to their online bank where the customer can log in and follow their bank’s usual process of confirming a payment. After the customer has confirmed the payment, they will return to your online store as before. 

Discover an easier way to manage e-payments

Nordea’s upgraded e-payment service offers you a simpler way to manage e-payments (online banking payments). What you will need: 

  • One agreement with Nordea and an account with Nordea to which the payments are credited.
  • One integration – Nordea’s e-payment API. We will take care of the connections to the other banks in the background.
  • Supported banks are: Ålandsbanken, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP Pankki, Säästöpankki and S-Pankki.

How will the upgrade affect you as the merchant

In order to use the new feature that enables your customers to make payments from their accounts with other Finnish banks, your company must update Nordea’s e-payment API to version v0005 and direct the online banking payments from other banks (“payment buttons”) to Nordea’s e-payment API. You also need to accept the updated terms and conditions of the e-payment service. 

Payments from other banks will arrive in your company’s account in Nordea on the next banking day and be shown as regular SEPA payments. E-payments made by Nordea customers will arrive in your account immediately and be shown as e-payments. 

Activating the new feature may require actions, i.e. updating Nordea’s e-payment API. If you have a technical intermediary or an integration partner, they will also have to update the API. Check the timetable for the API update and contact your technical intermediary or integration partner.

You can find the updated service and API descriptions under Service descriptions and the updated terms and conditions under Terms and conditions.

Boost the sales of your online shop

E-payment is an important part of well-functioning online trade as one payment and invoicing alternative to corporate customers. E-payment is suitable for both large and small companies, as well as the public sector, such as municipalities and authorities.

E-payment can be used by ordinary consumers – in other words, your customers – and companies alike (when a company has an account with Nordea). To make an e-payment, the payer just needs to have online banking codes and a means of providing strong authentication. Nordea customers can use either the Nordea ID app or device for this.

Your benefits:

  •  By offering your customers several payment methods you often improve your sales potential. 

  • Your risks will also be reduced, as customers will pay for their shopping in advance.

  • The payment is entered quickly and securely in your company's account, which increases the efficiency of cash management.

  • For your customers e-payment is an effortless way to pay for purchases, without extra costs.
  • Reference payment enables the automation of the order-payment chain.
  • With the refund function of the e-payment you can easily and quickly refund the customer if you are not able to deliver the order.
  • With the e-payment agreement, you can also provide your customers with a seamless mobile shopping experience, as the upgraded user interface is optimised for mobile devices, too.
  • The new feature makes the management of e-payments simpler.
Service and API descriptions
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Start using

To start using the e-payment service, your company must make an agreement with the bank on the service and other payment services needed for your banking.

If you want to activate the new feature that enables your customers to make payments from their accounts with other banks, you need to accept the updated terms and conditions of the e-payment service.

Adding button in websites that offer Nordea e-payment and e-identification

This page is for vendors hosting Nordea e-payment or e-identification solution.

You can download the Nordea logo for e-payment service from hereOpens new window.

The logos for other banks are available for download from the respective banks' websites directly.

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