Siirto for Corporates

Nordea’s Siirto for Corporates Service is a realtime payment service for corporates. The service enables the corporate to make real-time payments and to enable Siirto as a payment method in their point of sales; in the web store, in the mobile, in the physical store.


Siirto represents a new-generation of payment services:

  • With the Siirto service, the users can transfer funds in real time between bank accounts, even between bank accounts held in different banks.
  • The recipient of a payment is identified using the Siirto identifier – the payer does not need know the payee’s bank account number.
  • The beneficiary will receive a realtime notification message of received funds.
  • Siirto service is available 24 h throughout the year
  • All Siirto users are identified using strong electronic identification.
  • The parties in the Siirto payment system can be either persons or corporates.
  • From the corporate’s point of view, it is enough that the payer has a Siirto app from any bank.
  • It is possible to add reference information to a Siirto payment for bookkeeping purposes.
Siirto for Corporates -service supports real-time payments and offers Siirto mobile payment to Nordea and OP bank account holders.

Solutions for corporates

  • The Siirto interface solution delivers the corporate the means to make automated realtime payments to their customers and enable Siirto mobile payments in their business location.
  • The Siirto acquisition -service enables the corporate to offer their customers a modern payment method, Siirto mobile payments based on realtime bank account transfers. Received Siirto-payment funds are immediately available.
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