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Siirto for Corporates

Nordea’s Siirto for Corporates -solution is the perfect payment option when you want to get paid in real-time. Accept Siirto payments in stores, online shops and applications or through invoices, and get swiftly paid to your bank account. Siirto for Corporates is a cost-effective solution that is easy to implement and you reach more than 1 million satisfied consumers.

Siirto has more than 1 million users

In addition to reaching a high number of satisfied Siirto consumer users, Siirto will provide you with the following additional benefits: 

  • Siirto payments are primarily real-time*
  • Utilise a safe, Finnish payment solution where all users are strongly identified
  • Offer an easy payment option – all customers need is a mobile phone and a Siirto supporting app
  • Avoid handling of cash and time spent on refunding customer
  • Minimise exposure to risks by eliminating cash

Siirto for Corporates is an easy solution that is cost efficient, easy to implement and saves time.

Siirto has 1 million users and is the highest rated payment solution in Finland (rated 4.7 in Apple store (April 2020))

* The speed of a Siirto payment is determined by the capabilities of the payer and receiver banks. During an interim period, there may be speed limitations between some banks.

Siirto can be used in various ways

For example online, and with or without terminals. Whatever your need, we will provide you with a solution that is safe, fast and easy to use. 

Pay out

Pay out

Transfer money to customers in real-time and without needing to use bank account numbers.

  • Fast way to pay or refund customers 
  • Money instantly transferred to customers 

Key benefits: 

  • Real-time payments to your customers´ bank accounts 
  • No need to handle bank account numbers – only mobile number needed
  • Possibility to verify customers age while making payment 
  • Refunds done through same channel  
Without a payment terminal
Payment terminal

Siirto for Corporates -solutions

Siirto (Interface solution)

Businesswoman using digital tablet in office smal

Siirto interface solution is used for merchant initiated payments.    

  • For corporates of all sizes looking for easy API integration and efficient automatisation 
  • Enables automating payment flows – for getting paid or refunding and support for related bookkeeping 
  • Suitable for corporates that need to pay to their consumer customers in an efficient way without the need for the receivers bank account details 
  • Can alternatively be integrated through a PSP (e.g. Nordea Connect, Verifone) or through a 3rd party (e.g. Yonoton, Postnord-Strålfors, Salaxy)

Siirto (Acquisition solution)

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Siirto acquisition solution is used for consumer initiated payments.  

  • For businesses of all sizes interested in a easy solution that does not require integration
  • Perfect for associations and charities, e.g. collecting donations, or sports clubs and schools
  • No setup or monthly fees – only a transaction based fee
  • Can be used anywhere - no payment terminal needed 
  • Quick and easy payments with help of a Siirto-QR-code Opens new window
  • Enables customers to pay invoices fast, easy and error free
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