Siirto - cash on your mobile phone

Send and receive money quickly and securely. All you need is the other Siirto user’s phone number. Siirto makes payments easy also in temporary points of sale such as festivals or flea markets. Already a million satisfied users in Finland!

Make easy payments with Siirto

  • No cash on you? Not to worry: make secure payments with your mobile phone. 

  • Your child in need of money? Make a credit transfer instantly.

  • Doing some online shopping? Faster online payments.

  • A joint expense? Pay your share of it easily.

How to set up Siirto

  1. Download the Siirto app from your app store
  2. Log in with your online banking codes
  3. Select your phone number
  4. Select the account you want to use
  5. Start using the app!

Selling your old stuff at the flea market or bazaar?

As hardly anyone carries cash any more, Siirto is the ideal solution for an occasional seller. With Siirto, you will get instant real-time payments from other Siirto users with just a phone number or a QR code.

Håndtverker reparerer tak

Make your salary payments with Siirto – no paperwork needed

Do you need to pay an electrician, a babysitter or a personal trainer? The easy and reliable service now works directly in Nordea’s Siirto app and takes care of employers’ salary obligations for them. Read more about and download Siirto.

Frequently asked questions

While mobile payments are easy and secure, new users may have a lot of questions about them. It is good to be cautious with your money but there is no reason to be worried about using a mobile payment method. Read more about the convenient Siirto app and find out how it can truly make your everyday life easier.

Use Siirto

How Siirto works

  • You only need the recipient’s phone number. 
  • Payments between Siirto users are transferred instantly 24/7.
  • All users are always authenticated with their access codes.

Nordea’s Siirto app utilises the Siirto payment system to which also other banks and payment service providers are connected. To make a payment, simply enter a phone number instead of an account number. When the phone number is in the Siirto payment system, you will see the name of the recipient. The recipient will receive the payment immediately regardless of the bank. You can only use the Siirto app to transfer money to Finnish bank accounts included in the Siirto payment system.

More information on the banks and payment service providers participating in the Siirto payment system is available on (in Finnish)Opens new window

Security limits in the Siirto app
Sending money per dayMaximum of EUR 1,700.00
Receiving moneyNo upper limit
Implementation and use