The higher your banking and insurance volume with Nordea, the more benefits you get.


Premium Customers gain access to a comprehensive range of specialist savings and investments services.

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Housing loan customers' benefits

As Nordea’s customer, you are entitled to a responsible housing loan that meets your financial needs.

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Daily banking

Banking is easy at Nordea. If you use mobile bank, it is even easier.

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Savings in banking and insurance services. Check-in Customers learn to take care of their finances and get substantial discounts.

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Children and youth 7-17 years

We help you to choose the right services for you. Taking care of your finances is easy and trouble-free when you have the right services.

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Children 0 to 7-years

The earlier you start saving with or for your child, the more secure your child's future will be. When you open an account for your baby, we will donate you up to 40 euros

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