Nordea Codes app

The code app is a downloadable app for mobile devices which you can use to identify yourself and confirm transactions in our Netbank, Mobile Bank or by contacting Nordea Customer Service. The code app allows you to give up the paper code card and striking out codes.

Benefits of the code app

  • Secure and easy to use
  • You can log in anywhere, anytime, on your mobile device, and you no longer need a separate code card or ever run out of codes again.
  • You can confirm the payments of your online purchases securely and make the additional payment confirmation easily.
  • You can identify yourself when contacting Nordea Customer Service and in online services provided by other service providers, such as Kela.
  • You can verify that a phone call you receive actually comes from Nordea.
How to activate the app

How to activate and set up the code app

Download Nordea Codes to your mobile device from an app store.

To set up the code app for a new device, you will need an activation code and a temporary PIN. The code app provides secure authentication, as it cannot be copied from one smartphone to another – you must download the app again if you switch phones, for example. 

When you first activate Nordea Codes, you can do this in Netbank. Log in to Netbank using a code card or a code calculator and activate the app in the ‘Access codes’ section under ‘Edit Netbank’. As a new customer, you will get the activation codes as part of the opening of your daily banking services.

If you have already set up the code app on another device, you can use this device to activate the code app on a new device. If you lose or break the device on which your code app has been installed, please contact our Customer Service to get the activation code.

On what devices does the Codes app work?

The Codes app operates on iPhones and Android phones as well as on iPads and Android tablets

  • iOS 10 or later versions
  • Android phones and tablets versions 6 or later versions

Tip: it is worthwhile to download the Codes app on several mobile devices.

How the code app works
How to set up the code app to a new device

Tips on how to use Nordea Codes

  • We recommend downloading the code app on two different mobile devices. You can also add several users for one device. By doing this, you ensure that you can continue banking normally even if you lose or break one of your devices. 
  • You can only log in to Nordea Mobile with the code app. As a mobile bank user, you will get the lowest price on our daily banking services. So don’t miss out – get Nordea Mobile now.
  • Please remember to update your code app so that you always have the latest version! The code app no longer works if you have a version older than 1.6.1. (Android) or 1.5.2 (iOS). 

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