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Nordea Codes app

Nordea’s code app is a secure app you can download to your smartphone and tablet. You can use it to log in to Nordea’s mobile bank and other banking apps. With the code app, you can also authenticate yourself in services offered by other service providers and confirm your online payments securely. Remember to always update your mobile device’s operating system and the Nordea Codes app to the latest version.

Access all services with just one app

You can download the code app to several smartphones or tablets to ensure that you will be able to log in to services even if you broke or lost your main device. It is also possible to add your code app user profile to a family member’s mobile device, for example. 

  • Secure and easy to use. 
  • Online banking codes always available on your smartphone or tablet. 
  • Authenticate yourself in Nordea Customer Service. 
  • Verify that a phone call you receive actually comes from Nordea.

Only enter your PIN in the code app if you recognise the request

Only confirm requests with the code app or the code calculator when you know they are related to your use of these services, i.e. meaning that you shouldn’t enter your PIN unless you are about to log in to Netbank or mobile bank, confirm a credit transfer or card payment or use the service. 

When you are using the code app, always read carefully what the app is asking you to confirm. If you get a confirmation request in the app that you don’t recognise, please contact our Customer Service immediately. 

How to reactivate the code app on a new device using an existing device

The QR code allows you to use the code app on several devices

We recommend that you do not rely on just one code app. You should also have it activated on another device or have the code calculator ready to ensure you can continue banking even if your phone breaks, for instance. You can

  • download the code app to your smartphone and tablet
  • add your user profile to your spouse’s code app, for example. 

If you have the code app on one device, such as your smartphone, you can use it to activate the code app on another device, such as your tablet. You can do this easily with a QR code – no separate activation codes needed. 

How to add a user profile to the code app

You can add more than one user profile to the same code app. 

  1. Open the code app on the device to which you want to add a user profile.
  2. Open the settings and select “Add user”.
  3. Follow the “Activation with a QR code” instructions from section 4 onwards.

Activation with a QR code 

From an old device to a new one 

  1. Download the code app on a new device from your app store.
  2. Make sure that both your old and new device have the latest code app version and that both your devices have a network connection. You can obtain a network connection either with mobile data (SIM card), a wireless network (wi-fi) or by sharing a network connection from another device.
  3. Check what the latest code app version is from the app store of your device. You can find out the app version by opening the code app and selecting Instructions: the version number is shown at the bottom of the page. You should activate the automatic updating for the code app in the settings of your smart device to make sure that you are always using the latest app version. 
  4. Open the code app on your new device and select your customer group.
    1. Select "Nordea Finland".
    2. Select the language in which you want to use the code app. 
    3. Select “Personal customer”.
    4. Select “Activate on this device” and follow the instructions in the app.
    5. Log in to your old device.
    6. Select the user for whom you want to activate the code app on the new device.
    7. Select “Activate on another device”. 
    8. Enter your Nordea access codes and the PIN for the app.
    9. The app now creates a QR code with which you can activate the code app on another device.
    10. Go back to your new device and read the QR code from the old device with the camera of the new device.
    11. Once the QR code has been read, you are prompted to create a PIN and to give a name to your user profile. 
    12. The code app has now been activated and you can close your old device. 
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