Faster credit transfers enabled

As a rule, funds are transmitted to recipients on the same banking day.

This applies to credit transfers between Nordea customers as well as those euro-denominated credit transfers from Nordea to another financial institution that are confirmed before 14.00 Finnish time (EET).

Benefits to personal customers

  • Funds are transferred to the recipient on the same banking day
  • Payments made over the weekend will be transferred to the recipient's bank on the next banking day

The faster transmission of credit transfers requires no action on the customer’s part and causes no changes to the use or terms and conditions of existing services. 

Credit transfer

Credit transfers and payments can be made in Nordea Mobile, in Netbank or at a branch.

To make a credit transfer you need the payee's account number in the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) format. A credit transfer is always transmitted at the price of a domestic payment.

Your benefits:

  • A credit transfer is transmitted to a European bank as quickly as to another domestic bank.
  • You can make the credit transfer in the same way irrespective of whether its destination is Finland or another country in Europe.
  • The pricing is the same as in domestic payments.
  • The credit transfer amount is transferred to the payee’s account in full.

As a self service in Nordea Mobile or Netbank

In payments between Nordea customers’ accounts in Finland, the funds are transferred between the sender and the payee on the same weekday, at weekends and on public holidays as well.

Nordea transmits a payment to another bank in Finland or Europe during the same banking day or on the next banking day. The payment is transmitted to the payee’s bank during the same day if the payment has been made in Netbank or Nordea Mobile before 14.00 Finnish time (EET). Payments made after this will be transmitted to the payee’s bank the next day.

Please note that payments to other banks are transmitted on banking days only. Payments made at weekends or on public holidays are not transmitted to other banks until the next banking day.

Normal prices
Prices as branch service