A PerkAccount is intended for regular and continuous saving and it rewards you for your loyalty to Nordea. The interest of your PerkAccount is determined on the basis of your Customer Group.

Your benefits

  • A PerkAccount is suitable for regular saving.
  • There are no limits to the deposit period and amount.
  • You can freely withdraw funds and make credit transfers without restrictions.
  • Interest is calculated on each day based on the daily closing balance.
  • The account is covered by the deposit guarantee. 


Determination of interest

PerkAccount's deposit interest is variable.

The deposit interest is tied to the Nordea Prime rate so interest varies according to changes in the Nordea Prime.

Interest on your account is determined by your Customer Group. If your group changes, your interest rate will change accordingly. In interest calculation, the Customer Group registered on the last banking day of each calendar month is applied. All interest rate changes enter into force on the first banking day of the month of the change.

Interest calculation method

Interest is calculated on the daily balance according to actual calendar days.


In Finland, the deposit interest paid on accounts is subject to tax-at-source.

Prices and interest rates - Key Customer
Prices and interest rates - Preferred Customers
Prices and interest rates - Check-in Customers
Normal prices and interest rates