Start saving

The earlier you start saving money, the smaller the regular sums you have to save are to reach your target. Over a number of years, your savings will accrue compound interest.

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Funds are an easy way to diversify your investments and you can get started even with a small sum.

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Saving for a home

There are many ways of saving for a home – read more and find out which of them will suit you best!

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Savings accounts

Higher interest on your savings Find an account that suits your needs and start saving in an easy way.

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Start saving today and stick to your plan

1. The best time to start monthly saving is today

Regular saving brings security to your finances, does not require big income or initial capital, and is suitable for those who want to accumulate a reserve fund. And if you invest your savings correctly, they can also accrue a return for you and increase your savings in time. Start automatic monthly saving with a sum that suits your needs.

2. Make a plan and stick to it

The key to get most value off your savings is to do it regularly. By saving regularly, you can reduce the effect of market fluctuations over the long term, so you won't need to fret about market movements.

Our digital savings advisor Nora will help you to form a plan that suits your needs. Nora helps you to start saving quickly and conveniently, and helps you with with defining your risk profile and with selecting the right type of funds for you.

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Try our digital savings advisor Nora if you want to start saving quickly and conveniently. It will only take 5–7 minutes.

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Select the form of saving that suits you best

Save for a buffer in an account

Responsible saving and investing

You can make a difference by investing in socially and environmentally responsible companies. Make a difference.

Tips for saving

1. Choose a suitable amount that you can increase with time

Usually the best way is to put away a certain amount on paydays: when you do not see the money, you will not miss it, either.

For example, if you save:   

  • 2 euros a day = 60 euros a month = 720 euros a year
  • 5 euros a day = 150 euros a month = 1,800 euros a year

2. Choose a saving product

  • A suitable alternative for regular saving is fund saving, where the minimum amount to be saved is 10 euros a month. Get started with our digital savings advisor Nora or try our Portfolio designer to find the right funds for you.
  • The ASP account is suitable for young adults (aged 18 to 39) for saving the initial capital for their first own home. The minimum monthly sum to be saved is 50 euros.
  • You can also save small sums in an account. The ePiggy, for example, can help you with this.

3. Stick to your plan - Regular saving mitigates the effect of market volatility

  • Since market movements are impossible to forecast, it is difficult to time your investments at the best possible moment.
  • When you invest in several increments instead of everything in one go, you can avoid the risk related to timing.
  • By investing regularly, you can reduce the effect of market fluctuations over the long term, so you won't need to fret about market movements.