Why is it worth getting a debit card for your underage child?

  • Your child can manage their daily spending better. They can buy a snack or take the bus or train to their hobbies, for example. 
  • A card gives them a feeling of safety. If they miss their bus, for example, they can take a taxi home and pay for it. You can also add the payment card to the child’s phone, allowing them to pay with the phone by tapping at payment terminals. Your child will probably always have their phone with them – and therefore, their card as well.
  • Your child can learn financial skills. If they pay with their own debit card and keep track of their account balance, they’ll learn to control their spending at a young age.
  • Cards are today’s preferred payment method. Following the Covid pandemic, most shops and restaurants would rather you pay with a card instead of cash.
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Open all services for your child in one go:

  • current account and PerkAccount
  • Nordea Debit card
  • online access codes for digital services, including Nordea Mobile.

These services are free for children.

When is the best time to get the first debit card for your child?

Guardians (parents or another person appointed as the guardian) can apply for a debit card for a child once the child is aged 6 or over. When children start school and begin spending more time in hobbies and with their friends, this is usually a good time to get them their first debit card. When your child has a debit card, they can buy small things they need in their free time, which makes life easier for the whole family.

Our card offering includes Nordea Debit, which is suitable for minors. All purchases are debited directly from the bank account linked to the debit card.

Read our instructions on how to apply for a Nordea Debit card for your child

Which card should a teenager get?

Many teenagers start earning money from their first summer job at the age of 15. If a teenager doesn’t have a payment card at this age yet, they can open an account and apply for a Nordea Debit card without their parents’ involvement. The requirements for this are that the teenager is at least 15 years old and receives income to their personal account. A teenager can apply for a debit card by calling Nordea Customer Service or booking an appointment in branch.

Nordea Debit also works abroad if the teenager happens to travel for a holiday or take a language course in a foreign country. In addition, you can also apply to get a parallel card linked to your credit card for your teenage child if you prefer to provide them with a backup card for their travels.

Read more about parallel cards

Nordea Debit is suitable for minors

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The Nordea Debit card can be used to pay in stores, with your phone, online and when travelling. The card’s security settings determine where and how the card will work.

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Tips on how children can use a debit card

Nordea Debit is easy to use and it can be attached to the child’s personal current account. As the child’s parents, you can deposit a weekly or monthly allowance to their account from which they can pay with their personal card.

Read our tips on how to use a card easily and safely:

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Suitable security settings for your child’s payment card

When you order a new debit card for your child, you must determine the card’s security settings. For example:

  • you can use the geographical restrictions setting to allow the card to work only in Finland.
  • under online usage, you can choose whether the card can be used for online shopping.

You can adjust the security settings later, if you wish.

Read more about card security limits

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Activating Nordea Mobile for your child

You can download and activate the Nordea Mobile app on your child’s phone once you have obtained online access codes for them. 

With their personal Nordea Mobile app the child can:

  • check their account balance
  • check their card’s PIN if they forget it
  • block their card temporarily or permanently if they lose it.

Learn more about Nordea Mobile

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Add a payment card to your child’s phone

Paying with a phone in stores is quick and safe – it also means your child won’t have to carry a physical card around.

A child can add their debit card to their phone with their guardians’ consent, as long as the child meets the minimum age requirement for mobile payment services. To add the card, the child must have the Nordea Mobile app installed on their phone, as well as a mobile payment app, such as Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

Read more on how to add a card to your phone

Frequently asked questions about a debit card for a child

You can get an account, a debit card and online access codes for your child easily online.

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If your child already has an account and online access codes, you can order a card only.

How to apply for a debit card for your child