Parallel cards for the whole family

You can apply for parallel cards linked to your credit card for your children, for example. The principal card and all parallel cards are linked to the same credit account. As the principal cardholder, you will receive a single invoice for any purchases made with the principal card and the parallel cards. A parallel card will come in handy in many situations, such as if your child moves abroad to study.  

You can apply for as many parallel cards as you like, so all family members can have their own card, if necessary. You can manage the use of the parallel cards by setting spending limits per card, which can easily be updated whenever you need to. To get more information on the fees of parallel cards see our product-specific tariff.

Applying for a parallel card

With the guardians’ consent, a parallel card can be granted to a minor as a combination card or as a credit card. When applying for the card, you can select the services linked to the card and enable online payments, for example. The guardians and the minor are jointly responsible for meeting the terms and conditions of the card agreement. If a minor’s card is a combination card, the holder of the credit account is responsible for the use of the credit account and the guardians and the minor are jointly responsible for the use of the minor’s bank account.

If you need more information or want to apply for a parallel card, please call us. When you’re ordering a card for a minor, both guardians will need to verify their identities with their Nordea access codes during the same phone call.

Benefits of a parallel card 

Parallel cards issued to children may prove handy in many situations. For example, if your child goes abroad to study, a parallel card may be a good spare card for them if they happen to need a credit card in their destination country.

A parallel card will also provide their holder with all the benefits included in a credit card. By using a credit card, your children will get protection for their purchases under the Consumer Protection Act. For instance, if a product your child orders online never arrives, your child can contact us with your permission to dispute the card transaction.

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