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Nordea MyLife personal insurance provides cover for you and your family

Protect what's dearest to you – your family and yourself. You can choose to have insurance cover for your own life situation either as an individual policy or as more extensive multiple cover against illness, unemployment, disability or death. See our insurance recommendation and calculate the price.

Critical illness cover

Secure your income when life changes dramatically and you have to focus on getting well. The cover indemnifies eight illnesses or medical treatment measures. You can use the one-off indemnity the way you prefer for anything that is important for you.

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Life insurance, i.e. death cover

Your life insurance policy will protect your family’s income should you pass away. Taking out a life insurance policy is therefore especially important if you have a spouse and/or children. The indemnity may help, for example, in loan repayments or in the payment of daily expenses or inheritance tax.

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Permanent disability cover

Permanent disability cover will help you financially if you lose your ability to work permanently due to illness or accident. Having to leave working life may mean that your income level falls permanently to even half of what it used to be.

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Unemployment and sick pay insurance

If you are left without work or become temporarily disabled, the resulting loss of income may have a considerable effect on your loan repayment ability. An insurance policy in case of unemployment and sick leave, which will be linked to your loan, will help you in such a dire situation.

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It pays off to take out life insurance from Nordea

  • Get your insurance and banking services easily from under the same roof. As a Nordea customer, you will get comprehensive personal insurance at competitive prices. 
  • We are here to support you and settle claims quickly. Up to 90% of claims will be paid out within 5 days of us receiving the completed claim form and the required appendices. 
  • Nordea MyLife personal insurance is the only insurance in Finland that rewards you for physical exercise. Avail of the free well-being benefit and earn a 15–25% raise to your insurance cover by exercising. Unique benefit from Nordea only.
  • Acquiring an insurance policy is easy. You can manage the process from beginning to end online or in person with one of our specialists. Our insurance calculatorOpens new window will find the correct cover for you. 
  • Responsible insurance company that supports you. Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd is a solid Finnish insurance company that has been awarded for its responsibility.

Personal insurance or life insurance?

Personal insurance and life insurance differ from each other. Life insurance provides cover in case of death and it is taken out to provide security for close relatives. Personal insurance, such as critical illness cover, also supports your own finances in times of crisis.

What does insurance cost?

Below are three examples of insurance cover chosen by different people and its cost. Please note that the price of a personal insurance policy is determined individually, and the pricing criteria are your age, the total amount of the insurance cover and smoking in the case of critical illness cover.

We will give you a recommendation for an insurance policy suited to your needs and you can check the price using our insurance calculator.  Go to the insurance calculator.Opens new window

Sari, 43 years Opens new window

Sari lives with her husband Marko and their pets in their own home. They have mostly repaid their housing loan.

Sari chose the following for her insurance:

  • life insurance, EUR 80 000
  • critical illness cover, EUR 40 000

40,80 € / month

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Ville, 34 years Opens new window

Ville lives with his wife and two pre-school aged children. Their life is hectic and they have a housing loan.

Ville chose the following for his insurance:

  • life insurance, EUR 100 000
  • critical illness cover, EUR 35 000

25,79 € / month

Calculate the price of the insurance that best suits you (in Finnish) Opens new window

Petri, 27 years Opens new window

Petri has been working for a few years after graduation. He lives in a rented flat.

Petri chose the following for his insurance:

  • critical illness cover, EUR 30 000
  • permanent disability cover, EUR 30 000

10,08 € / month

Calculate the price of the insurance that best suits you (in Finnish) Opens new window

Calculate the price for your MyLife personal insurance policy

Check our recommendation for you and calculate the price with the insurance calculator.

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Nordea MyLife insurance terms and conditions and product material (only in Finnish)

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