Life insurance, i.e. death cover

Your life insurance policy will protect your family’s income should you pass away. Taking out a life insurance policy is therefore especially important if you have a spouse and/or children. You’ll also get an extra benefit: a 25% increase to the amount of death cover.

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Critical illness cover

Secure your income when life changes dramatically and you have to focus on getting well. The cover indemnifies eight illnesses or medical treatment measures. You can use the one-off indemnity the way you prefer for anything that is important for you.

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Permanent disability cover

Permanent disability cover will help you financially if you lose your ability to work permanently due to illness or accident. Having to leave working life may mean that your income level falls permanently to even half of what it used to be.

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Unemployment and sick pay insurance

If you are left without work or become temporarily disabled, the resulting loss of income may have a considerable effect on your loan repayment ability. An insurance policy in case of unemployment and sick leave, which will be linked to your loan, will help you in such a dire situation.

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Cover for death or permanent disability caused by an accident

Protect your income in the event of accidental permanent disability and your family’s financial future in the event of your accidental death. This policy includes a basic level of cover and doesn’t require you to fill in a health declaration. We recommend this policy if you’re not eligible for life insurance and permanent disability insurance due to your state of health.

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Why take out personal insurance from Nordea?

  • One-stop shop for all your insurance and banking needs.  When you bank with us, you can also get comprehensive personal insurance tailored to your needs. 
  • Enjoy Nordea’s customer benefits. If you have a home loan from us, we offer you a 15% discount on new MyLife insurance policies. If you are our Premium Customer or Private Banking customer, your discount is 20%.
  • Earn rewards for exercising! Get active and increase your insurance cover by up to 25%. You won’t find this unique well-being benefit anywhere else – and it’s free of charge.
  • An extra benefit for all our life insurance customers. You’ll get a 25% increase to the amount of death cover free of charge.
  • We are here to support you and settle claims quickly. Up to 90% of claims will be paid out within 5 days of us receiving the completed claim form and the required appendices. 
  • Easy way to take out an insurance policy. Whether you want to buy your insurance policy online yourself or speak one-to-one with our insurance specialists, we have made it easy for you. Our insurance calculator helps you work out what you need. 

Nordea MyLife wins Kuluttaja magazine’s test

Kuluttaja testivoitto

Nordea MyLife emerged as the winner of Kuluttaja magazine’s test in which different loan protection insurance policies were compared in September 2022. The magazine examined the terms and conditions and prices of various loan protection insurance policies offered by Finnish banks. The products were divided into non-comprehensive and comprehensive insurance policies that were scored separately. Nordea MyLife won both categories and was praised for its affordable pricing and flexible terms and conditions.

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Nordea MyLife personal insurance can be tailored to your needs. It’s available as loan protection insurance or without the loan connection.

What does insurance cost?

Below are three examples of insurance cover chosen by different people and its cost. Please note that the price of a personal insurance policy is determined individually, and the pricing criteria are your age, the total amount of the insurance cover and smoking in the case of critical illness cover.

We will give you a recommendation for an insurance policy suited to your needs and you can check the price using our insurance calculator.  Go to the insurance calculator.

Sari, 43 years Opens new window

Sari lives with her husband Marko and their pets in their own home. They have mostly repaid their housing loan. Sari chose a life insurance policy and a critical illness cover.

  • Life insurance, EUR 80,000 + free extra benefit EUR 20,000
  • Critical illness cover, EUR 40,000

40,91 € / month

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Ville, 34 years Opens new window

Ville lives with his wife and two pre-school aged children. Their life is hectic and they have a housing loan. Ville chose a life insurance policy and a critical illness cover.

  • Life insurance, EUR 100,000 + free extra benefit EUR 25,000
  • Critical illness cover, EUR 35,000

25,86 € / month

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Petri, 27 years Opens new window

Petri has been working for a few years after graduation. He lives in a rented flat. Petri chose critical illness cover and permanent disability cover.

  • Critical illness cover, EUR 30,000
  • Permanent disability cover, EUR 30,000

9,33 € / month

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Why take out a personal insurance policy?
Unique MyLife well-being benefit
Discounts and benefits
Terms and conditions
Insurance provider and disclaimer

Why take out a personal insurance policy?

Personal insurance gives you extra protection in case you suddenly lose your income, either temporarily or permanently.

  • Illness, unemployment, disability or the death of your partner are devastating events that can also put a strain on you financially. MyLife personal insurance helps you secure your and your family’s financial future.
  • In Finland, social security benefits are designed to provide people with a basic income when they suddenly become ill or unable to work. This may be a lot less than what you are normally used to earning. If you’re unable to work, your income may fall permanently to less than half of what it once was.
  • Personal insurance gives you extra protection and flexibility with your finances in a difficult situation. It can help you cover daily expenses and repay your loans, get quick access to medical treatment or pay for funeral expenses and inheritance tax.
  • Having personal insurance is especially important if you are solely responsible for your own income or the main earner in your family.   

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Increase your insurance cover up to 25% by exercising

MyLife insurance includes a unique and free-of-charge well-being benefit, which is designed to motivate you to exercise regularly.

Physical activity is known to support your health and well-being. And now it can also give you better insurance cover! The well-being benefit included in MyLife insurance rewards you for getting active with an increase to your insurance cover.

MyLife well-being benefit in a nutshell

  • You’ll get better insurance cover by exercising regularly! This means doing an activity that makes you breathe faster and raises your heart rate. You can walk, run, exercise, dance or pick any other sport you enjoy. 

  • Half an hour of brisk physical exercise a day will raise your insurance cover by 15%. One hour of brisk physical exercise a day will bring you a 25% raise to your insurance cover.
  • The increase in insurance cover is determined by your physical activity data. The duration and intensity of your exercise is converted into activity points, the average of which determines your activity level.
  • You can see how your activity level affects your insurance cover in the MyLife app once you have shared your activity data with the app through Google Fit. We’ll show you how to do this once you have bought your insurance policy.
  • The MyLife app also gives you access to a range of discounts on products that will help you become more active and to inspiring well-being content. 
  • You can increase your cover in life insurance, critical illness cover, permanent disability cover or cover for death or permanent disability caused by an accident.
  • The insurance benefit may not be raised by more than 100,000 euros for each insurance cover and insured person.

Discounts and benefits

  • As a Nordea customer, you can get a discount on your insurance policy. If you have a home loan from us, we offer you a 15% discount on new MyLife insurance policies. If you are our Premium Customer or Private Banking customer, your discount is 20%.
  • You can raise the claim amount in your MyLife personal insurance by 15–25% if you exercise actively. You won’t find this unique well-being benefit anywhere else.
  • You will automatically get a 25% higher death cover to your life insurance policy. This extra benefit will be confirmed annually.

Terms, conditions and other product material

Nordea MyLife insurance as well as all product material and customer service related to Nordea MyLife is offered in Finnish or Swedish. The contractual language used is either Finnish or Swedish, and the purpose of the information provided on this website is only to give a general overview of Nordea MyLife.

Terms and conditions and product description (in Finnish)

Insurance product information documents (in Finnish)

Nordea MyLife well-being benefit

Insurance provider and disclaimer

You are eligible to apply for Nordea MyLife personal insurance if you are aged 18–63 and reside permanently in Finland. 

The covers against unemployment, temporary disability, critical illness as well as permanent disability are issued by Nordea Insurance Finland Ltd (Business ID 2868440-8).  Life insurance, i.e. death cover, is issued by Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd (Business ID 0927072-8). The well-being benefit add-on to Nordea MyLife insurance is offered by Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd or Nordea Insurance Finland Ltd. The Nordea MyLife app is provided in cooperation with Benify AB. 

Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd and Nordea Insurance Finland Ltd sell Nordea MyLife through their agent Nordea Bank Abp. The detailed criteria for claims and the insurance benefit restrictions related to the different kinds of cover are stated in the insurance terms and conditions and in the product description specifying their meaning. 

The general limitations on claims are laid down in the Finnish Insurance Contracts Act. The operations of Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd and Nordea Insurance Finland Ltd are supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, 

Tax information is in accordance with the situation as at 1 January 2024. Taxation may change during the contract period. 

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