When your child turns 18

When a teenager turns 18, their banking will also change. Their guardians will no longer have access to their accounts and the teenager will be responsible for their own banking.

They can restore access for their guardians without their specific consent before turning 19. This can be done by contacting Nordea Customer Service if the teenager has online banking codes. If they do not have online banking codes, they can restore access rights and open a Netbank agreement in branch.

Managing money

When a young person has turned 18, they are in charge of their finances and banking. Their parents cannot tend to their banking matters or represent them in Nordea Customer Service or in branch without a power of attorney.

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Advice in times of change

Leaving home, starting your studies and taking care of your finances may be daunting. Our expert advisers share their tips on social media on how to do your daily banking and manage your finances. You can asks questions on Jodel at Nordea_Aspa, our advisors answer them during weekdays. Follow our team of advisers for young customers on Snapchat at @nordeasuomi and on Instagram at @nordea_fi.

Open a bank account and receive a baby gift

When you open an account for your child who is under 6 months old and certain criteria for opening the account are met, we will give your child a gift.

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Saving for your child

By saving even a small sum regularly you can build a nest egg for your child’s future.

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Cashless payments for children

Our daily banking services for children allow your little ones to bank easily and securely.

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