Travel Insurance

When going on a trip, the first thing to pack is your travel insurance. If Travel Insurance provides affordable and flexible security in new environments and variable situations. You can take out the If Travel insurance when and how you want: you can choose an option that is in force all year round or a fixed-term insurance to be in force as fixed-term for one trip.

  • Medical treatment costs may amount to tens of thousands of euros abroad. We will indemnify medical treatment during your travels for up to 90 days without any upper limit. In a serious case, we will also indemnify transport to Finland.
  • A traveller’s insurance is always personal, but it will cover your children or grandchildren under the age of 20 travelling with you.
  • If your trip is cancelled, interrupted or delayed due to compelling reasons, we will indemnify costs caused by this and the lost travel days.
  • Our travel insurance includes a unique crisis cover, which enables a safe return home and mental support if you encounter an unexpected situation during your trip. It covers the cancellation or interruption of your trip caused by a natural catastrophe, epidemic, a sudden armed conflict or terrorism at your destination.
  • The travel insurance is in force during your trips abroad, but if you wish, you can extend the cover also to domestic travels.
  • The indemnity service abroad will help you 24/7.

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