Travel insurance – the secret to a carefree holiday

  • Generous cancellation cover. We will reimburse flights and hotels you have paid for in advance up to EUR 5,000, if your trip is cancelled due to you becoming ill.
  • Travel insurance for children or grandchildren is included in the price. The insurance automatically covers any children or grandchildren under the age of 20 accompanying you on the trip. Luggage cover also includes the luggage of everyone living in the same household.
  • Force majeure cover is included in the basic package. The insurance includes force majeure protection, which means that we will refund a trip that has been cancelled due to e.g. natural disaster or terrorist attack. You will also receive a refund if the trip is cut short and, where necessary, for psychotherapy sessions.
  • Unlimited medical expenses. We will reimburse your medical expenses on the trip and there is no excess to pay. Our extensive network of partners gives you rapid access to a reliable doctor if you should need treatment.
  • Children can do sports and you are covered if you want to try new activities. For insured persons under the age of 18, travel insurance covers all sports. Adults are also covered if they want to try certain new sports. If you regularly participate in more challenging sports, you can take out add-on cover to remove any sports restrictions!
Insurance options
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Travel insurance options

Insurance options
What does the insurance cover?
Visits to a doctor if you fall ill or are injured on the tripX
Airline tickets and pre-paid accommodation, should you fall ill before the tripX
New airline tickets if you miss your flight through no fault of your own, or the trip is cut shortX
Air ambulance to Finland in emergenciesX
Assistance 24/7 by phone and via the mobile app if you fall ill, for instanceX
Treatment for sports injury (also applies to downhill skiing and scuba diving course)X
Visits to a doctor by children and grandchildren and all accidents included in the parent's or grandparent's insuranceX

Travel insurance for a single trip or continuous travel insurance? 

Continuous travel insurance is the easiest and most affordable solution for those who travel abroad or take domestic trips at least twice a year.

  • When you buy continuous travel insurance you can also add on low-cost cover for domestic travel.
  • Continuous travel insurance is valid all year round and in all the countries in the world. You do not need to notify us separately when you travel.
  • Valid for trips lasting up to 45 days.
  • A single trip insurance policy, i.e. travel insurance for a set amount of time, is the most cost-effective option if you travel abroad only once a year and you do not travel in your own country.
  • The price of one-off insurance depends on the destination and the duration of the trip. Insurance is taken out separately for each individual trip.
  • It is best to arrange for the policy to start at least three days before you travel. This means we will refund your airline ticket if you fall ill and are unable to travel.

Optional add-on cover for travel insurance

You can also add cover for luggage and domestic travel to your travel insurance.

Luggage insurance

If you have If Home Insurance, it always includes luggage. If luggage is not included in your home insurance, you can purchase comprehensive add-on protection for your travel insurance.

  • Luggage insurance includes theft and damaged items.
  • If your luggage is delayed, you can get essential items at your destination.
  • Luggage insurance also includes legal expenses and third party liability insurance for the trip. This reimburses legal expenses in connection with the trip and any damage to a third party caused by you on the trip.

Domestic travel

  • Add-on cover for domestic travel also provides protection for any trips you make in Finland.
  • Add-on cover includes cancellation, which means you will receive a refund if your domestic trip has to be cancelled because you or a member of your family is ill.
  • This cover gives you and your family access to care without waiting times at private medical centres around the country.

Eligibility for travel insurance and policy period

Travel insurance is provided for a future trip and is only available to persons covered by the Finnish Health Insurance Act who are Finnish residents and also ordinarily live in Finland. Personal accident and health insurance cover in a continuous travel insurance policy is available to persons under the age of 80. Cover for personal possessions in a travel insurance policy is available regardless of the age of the insured. Travel insurance for a set period of time is available regardless of the age of the insured person. If the policy period is over 45 days, a health declaration is always required.

Travel Insurance is valid as follows:

  • Continuous travel insurance is valid until the insured reaches the age of 90.
  • A one-off travel insurance policy is valid for the dates stated in the insurance policy.

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