Nordea Debit

With Nordea Visa Debit you can withdraw cash and pay for purchases in Finland and abroad. Nordea Visa Debit includes the contactless payment feature which allows you to pay for purchases under 50 euros quickly without having to enter your PIN.

Nordea Debit – handier than cash

The contactless payment feature makes paying for purchases under 50 euros quick and easy, as you simply hold your card close to the payment terminal. 

You can start making smart payments if you have a Nordea debit or credit card and a smartphone or a smartwatch or some other smart device. 

If you activate the Nordea Wallet mobile app, keeping track of your card transactions and spending will be easy.

Nordea Debit in brief

  • Your purchases will be debited to your account directly. 
  • The card does not include a credit facility. 
  • You can activate online payments in Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile.
  • You can make 1–4 cash withdrawals per month free of charge in Finland and in the EU countries (at Visa ATMs).

Applying for a card

To qualify for the card, you need to have i.a.

  • regular income
  • a good payment history  

Our underage customers may also apply for a card.

The card will be posted to you. 

Card usage

I have forgotten my PIN. Where can I find it?

You can check your PIN easily and free of charge from either mobile bank or Netbank. In mobile bank, you can check your PIN by selecting the card and tapping PIN code -> Show PIN. In Netbank, you can check your PIN under Overview or Finances -> Cards -> select card -> View PIN -> Show PIN. 

How can I make changes to the security limits, usage area and online usage of my card?

Your card’s security settings can be changed in the old Netbank under Everyday finances -> Cards -> Security limits/Usage area and Internet. 

In the new Netbank, you can change the security settings by going to Finances -> Cards. Select the card whose settings you wish to change and edit the settings under ‘Card details’.

Frequently asked questions about payment and credit cards

Frequently asked questions about payment and credit cards

Nordea Debit for a minor

You can apply for a Visa Debit card:

  • without your parents' (guardians') consent if you are 16 or older and receive earned income to a bank account you have opened 
  • with your parents' (guardians') consent if you are 16–17 years old and study at a polytechnic, a university or another institute of higher education.

Applying for a card with a guardian 

Bring at least one of your parents (guardians) with you when you go to a branch to order a card. You also need a power of attorney signed by your other parent.

When filling in the card application, your parents will choose whether the card is mailed to your home address or whether you can pick it up by yourself from a branch.

Visa Debit card application of a minor (pdf, 1 MB)Opens new window

Power of attorney to the other guardian (pdf, 991 KB)Opens new window

Your rights when making payments in Europe

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