K-Plussa benefit with your card

Now you have the opportunity to include the K-Plussa feature free of charge on your Mastercard payment card during 11.1.-7.2.2021. You do not have to carry several cards in your wallet as the K-Plussa feature makes it possible to pay for your purchases and to gain the K-Plussa loyal customer benefits with one and the same card.

You can link the K-Plussa feature to

  • Nordea Credit MastercardPlussa logo
  • Nordea Gold Mastercard
  • Mastercard Premium
  • Mastercard Platinum
  • Nordea Black
  • Nordea Electron

You will find the K-Plussa number on the reverse side of your new payment card. K-Plussa points will automatically be credited to the same loyal customer account as before, even though the loyal customer number printed on the card is new.

How can I get a card with the K-Plussa feature?

You can apply for a card that includes the K-Plussa feature, or you can add the K-Plussa feature to your existing card if you have a valid K-Plussa loyal customer number.

Add the K-Plussa feature to your card

  • in in the old Netbank. 
    NB! If you already have a card, you can add the K-Plussa feature in the old Netbank under Everyday finances > Cards > Card editing and renewal.
  • by visiting the nearest Nordea branch
  • by calling our Customer Service tel 0200 70 000

If your card is renewed in mid-validity, the bank will charge you a fee for the renewal in accordance with its tariff. Although, we will not charge you for the renewal of your card if you add the Plussa feature to your Mastercard during the campaign 11.1.-7.2.2021. 

Read more about the K-Plussa Loyalty Customer programme and your benefits: www.plussa.comOpens new window

Contact Nordea Customer Service  

Mon-Fri 8.00 - 18.00

0200 70000 (lnc/mcc*)

* local network charge/mobile call charge