Nordea Mastercard credit cards

Nordea Mastercard credit cards are the easy and secure way to make payments and withdraw cash in Finland and abroad.

Choose the right credit card for you

Use your Nordea Mastercard for easy and secure everyday purchases online and at millions of outlets across the world.

All Mastercard credit cards issued by Nordea are accepted worldwide, which means that you can pay and withdraw cash with confidence both in Finland and abroad. Using a credit card gives you flexibility in your daily finances and allows you to make larger purchases at once.

Nordea Gold

Nordea Gold Mastercard is a perfect choice for you if you need comprehensive insurance for your travels abroad or Product Safety Insurance for any purchase you make for your home. The maximum credit limit you may apply for is 10,000 euros.

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Nordea Credit

Nordea Credit Mastercard brings flexibility to your finances. If you have a combination card, you can choose whether to make a payment directly from your bank account or with the credit facility. When making payments with the credit facility and Product Safety Insurance will protect your purchases. The credit limit you may apply for is 1,500–5,000 euros.

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Nordea Premium

The lounge benefit included in your Nordea Premium Mastercard adds luxury to your holiday. This credit card designed for our Premium Customers comes with comprehensive insurance for your travels abroad and Product Safety Insurance. The credit limit may be as much as 20,000 euros.

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TUOHI Mastercard

The unique PriceGuard Insurance included in TUOHI Mastercards guarantees you the most affordable price on the market.

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Finnair Plus Mastercard

Finnair Plus Mastercard suits frequent travellers in particular. With this card, you can accrue Finnair Plus points. You earn two Finnair Plus points for every euro you spend when you pay with your card's charge and credit facilities.

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Stockmann MasterCard

Stockmann MasterCard is a convenient way to make use of Stockmann's loyal customer programme benefits. The card includes a credit facility.

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What is the difference between a credit and a debit card?

When you pay with your credit card, the amount is not deducted directly from your bank account as with debit cards but charged from your card’s credit facility instead. Nordea offers you an interest-free repayment period of 30 days on average for all purchases made with your credit card. You get an invoice on your purchases every month. You must then pay at least the agreed minimum repayment percentage of the total amount of your credit card transactions.

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