Credit cards

Nordea Mastercard credit cards are the easy and secure way to make payments and withdraw cash in Finland and abroad.

Choose the right credit card for you

Use your Nordea Mastercard for easy and secure everyday purchases online and at millions of outlets across the world.

All Mastercard credit cards issued by Nordea are accepted worldwide, which means that you can pay and withdraw cash with confidence both in Finland and abroad. Using a credit card gives you flexibility in your daily finances and allows you to make larger purchases at once.

Nordea Credit

The credit limit of Nordea Credit brings flexibility to your finances whenever you need it. Product Safety Insurance provides additional security for your purchases.

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Nordea Gold

Finance even larger purchases with Nordea Gold credit facility. The card comes with Product Safety Insurance and travel insurance for trips abroad.

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Nordea Premium

Nordea Premium gives you financial flexibility in your everyday life and adds luxury to your holidays. Designed for our Premium customers, this card includes a lounge benefit as well as comprehensive insurance policies and enables you to make even larger purchases.

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TUOHI Mastercard

TUOHI Mastercard is a credit card that automatically includes free PriceGuard Insurance, which guarantees the cheapest prices on the market.

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Finnair Plus Mastercard

A credit card for globetrotters. You will gain Finnair Plus points every time you pay with the credit facility of Finnair Plus Mastercard.

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Stockmann Mastercard

The benefits of Mastercard combined with the benefits of Stockmann's Loyal Customer Programme and no monthly or annual fee.

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What is the difference between a credit and a debit card?

When you pay with your credit card, the amount is not deducted directly from your bank account as with debit cards but charged from your card’s credit facility instead. Nordea offers you an interest-free repayment period of 30 days on average for all purchases made with your credit card. You get an invoice on your purchases every month. You must then pay at least the agreed minimum repayment percentage of the total amount of your credit card transactions.

Add other features to your credit card as you wish

You can add a variety of additional features to any Nordea Mastercard credit card. Enhance your card by including the debit feature to create a combination card or start using Mastercard’s SecureCode service to make online shopping more secure.

Manage your credit card in Netbank

Nordea’s Netbank is the quick and easy way to do your daily banking – including managing your credit card. Whether you want to track your credit card transactions in real time, fill in a credit card application or transfer money from your credit facility to your current account, you can do all this in Netbank.

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