Enjoy a wide range of benefits with your credit card

A credit card is the most flexible way to pay. You can also add it to your phone, smartwatch or mobile wallet. Nordea’s Mastercard credit cards allow you to pay securely online and abroad and come with comprehensive insurance benefits.

Find the Mastercard credit card that’s right for you

When you make purchases with any Nordea Mastercard credit card, you get a 30-day interest-free payment period on average for the items you buy with no extra charges as well as many other useful features. A combination card gives you the flexibility to charge your purchases either to your credit card (credit) or bank account (debit).

Our most popular card

Nordea Gold

Nordea Gold works at home and on holiday. The card comes with comprehensive international travel insurance as well as Product Safety Insurance, which protects items you buy for your home. You can apply for a credit limit between 1,500 and 10,000 euros.

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Nordea Gold for students

Did you know that students can also qualify for our Nordea Gold card? You can apply for the card if you’re 18 or older and have been admitted to study in a university or a university of applied sciences. For students, the credit limit is between 1,500 and 2,000 euros.

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Nordea Premium

The lounge benefit included in your Nordea Premium Mastercard adds luxury to your holiday. This credit card designed for our Premium Customers also comes with comprehensive international travel insurance and Product Safety Insurance.

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Nordea Credit

New Nordea Credit cards will not be granted for the time being. If you already have a Nordea Credit card, you can continue using it as usual.

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Stockmann Mastercard

Stockmann Mastercard is a convenient way to make use of Stockmann’s loyal customer programme benefits.

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Tuohi Mastercard

You can apply for Tuohi Mastercard on Nordea Finance’s online application and at the shops of our cooperation partners. The credit limit is 2,000–10,000 euros.

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Benefits for Mastercard credit card holders

Use your Nordea Mastercard for making easy everyday purchases online and in millions of outlets across the world.

Flexibility for your finances

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience a credit card offers

A credit card can help you cover unexpected expenses. Mastercard offers an easy way to manage your payments:

  • When you make purchases with any Nordea Mastercard, you get a 30-day interest-free payment period on average for all your credit card purchases with no extra charges.
  • You set and edit your monthly instalment percentage as long as it’s between 3% and 100%. This is the minimum amount you must pay towards your credit balance each month. If you choose a smaller percentage, you’ll have more money to cover other everyday expenses. And you can always choose to pay back more.
  • You can have two instalment-free months a year. Instalment-free means that you only have to pay interest in that month.
  • You can edit the due date of your credit card invoice free of charge. If your pay day changes, for example, you can adjust the due date of your credit card invoice accordingly.

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Secure payments
Protection for purchases
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Smart ways to pay

Frequently asked questions about credit cards

How to be a smart credit card user

When you pay with your credit card, you get to enjoy the valuable benefits it offers. With our tips, you can take full advantage of your credit card benefits and security features.

If you have questions about your credit card invoices or payments, see our FAQ page.

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