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E-invoice - Send and receive electronic invoices

The e-invoice service allows you to send electronic invoices to both your corporate and consumer customers. We offer your company the suitable way to send and receive e-invoices whether you use Netbank or your own financial administration system.

Benefits to your company:

  • You can increase the efficiency of your financial administration processes by automating the processing of invoices and starting to use fully digital invoicing. 
  • As a result, your printing and posting costs will decrease.
  • Your cash management becomes quicker when payments are credited to your account with correct details on time. 
  • Through us, you can reach both your corporate and consumer customers with a single agreement. 
  • You can do your invoicing securely in file transfer or in Netbank in the manner that suits you best, just as you handle your payment traffic.

Copies of sales invoices directly to your accounting firm

  • You can now forward copies of your sales invoices directly to your accounting firm as e-invoices from Nordea Business.
  • This automatic process saves you time and effort. 
  • After you have agreed on the service with your accounting firm, you can start using it in Nordea Business under e-invoice settings.
E-invoicing service in Netbank

E-invoicing service in Netbank

With the e-invoicing service in Netbank, you can send and receive invoices easily and affordably – there is no need for separate invoicing software.

Reduce the costs of your invoicing and save time and effort.

The e-invoicing service in Netbank is particularly suitable for you if you are not using a separate invoicing program and you prefer to do your invoicing easily and securely in parallel with your other banking. 

In the service, you can create and send e-invoices and paper invoices to your corporate customers. In addition, you can receive e-invoices in your Netbank and pay your invoices conveniently by just accepting the invoices you receive.

The e-invoice service enables you to start using digital invoicing without any extra investments. To activate the service, please contact Nordea Business Centre.

E-invoice service in file transfer
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