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E-invoice - Send and receive electronic invoices

The e-invoice service allows you to send electronic invoices to both your corporate and consumer customers. We offer your company the suitable way to send and receive e-invoices whether you use Netbank or your own financial administration system.

Cost-savings and more efficient financial administration

Regardless of the size of your company, the e-invoice will give a significant boost to your financial administration processes, enabling you to achieve substantial cost savings. The “e-invoice in file transfer” service allows e-invoices, just like payments, to be integrated into your financial administration systems. You can automate and digitalise your entire invoicing. With the e-invoicing service in Netbank, you can send and receive invoices easily and affordably – there is no need for separate invoicing software.

Benefits to your company:

  • You can increase the efficiency of your financial administration processes by automating the processing of invoices and starting to use fully digital invoicing.
  • As a result, your printing and posting costs will decrease.
  • Your cash management becomes quicker when payments are credited to your account with correct details on time.
  • Through us, you can reach both your corporate and consumer customers with a single agreement.
  • You can do your invoicing securely in file transfer or in Netbank in the manner that suits you best, just as you handle your payment traffic.

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E-invoicing service in Netbank

Reduce the costs of your invoicing and save time and effort.

The e-invoicing service in Netbank is particularly suitable for you if you are not using a separate invoicing program and you prefer to do your invoicing easily and securely in parallel with your other banking. 

In the service, you can create and send e-invoices and paper invoices to your corporate customers. In addition, you can receive e-invoices in your Netbank and pay your invoices conveniently by just accepting the invoices you receive.

The e-invoice service enables you to start using digital invoicing without any extra investments. To activate the service, please contact Nordea Business Centre.

E-invoice service in file transfer

You can fully digitalise your invoicing right from the first day.

The e-invoice service in file transfer suits you if you are using a financial administration system for processing sales invoices and/or purchase invoices. You will form e-invoice files in your own system and send them to Nordea’s file transfer, just like your other payment files. Similarly, you will be able to retrieve the incoming e-invoices for checking and posting into your financial administration system. Through the system, you will be able to reach both your corporate and consumer customers with the same agreement.

The service enables you to fully automate your invoicing and processing of invoices. You can attach the printing and posting of paper invoices and the scanning of purchase invoices to the service. Thus you will be able to adopt digital invoicing even if your trading partners still process their invoices on paper. In addition to printing and scanning, you can link other additional services to the service. For instance, you can add your company’s logo to paper invoices or transmit invoice-related supplementary information on an appendix or via a link (to consumers).

To activate the service, please contact Nordea Business Centre.

Consumer invoicing

Consumer invoicing is part of the “e-invoice in file transfer” service. The service enables you to send e-invoices to personal customers’ netbanks and direct payments to your customers who do not use an online banking service. You will able to reach all banks’ personal customers through Nordea.

In consumer invoicing, a notification service is included in the e-invoicing service: invoicer notification, reception notification and receiver proposal message.  

  • The invoicer notification tells your consumer customer that your company is offering the e-invoice. The payers see the information in their online banking service and can order the e-invoice from your company. 
  • The bank will form a reception notification from this order for you. A program is required for making invoicer notifications. If your company does not yet have a program with which you can make them, such programs are available on Finance Finland (FFI)'s websiteOpens new window.
  • You can enhance your customers’ adoption of the e-invoice right from the first invoice by using a receiver proposal message. You can also start using active approval, which means that your customers will be offered a ready-made e-invoice order for their approval in Netbank.

As an additional service to your consumer invoicing, you can use the e-invoice link. The link allows you to show further invoice-related details in a separate presentment archive.

To activate the service, please contact Nordea Business Centre.

Additional services in e-invoicing

Additional services in e-invoicing


Nordea supports e-invoices complying with the Finvoice message description. The Finvoice application guidelines, the related descriptions and technical data are available on the website of Finance Finland (FFI)Opens new window. Nordea supports Finvoice versions 1.3, 2.0, 2.01 and 3.0.


You can test e-invoices with our testing toolsOpens new window. Once you have formed your e-invoice files complying with Finvoice using your programme, you can check the formal and partial logic correctness of the structure of the e-invoice message by using Nordea's XML testing tool. The tool is easy to use, and you get a reply right away. No data on the message is stored in Nordea's systems.

You can find the XML testing tool on Nordea’s testing pageOpens new window. You can use the tool free of charge. The use of the tool does not include instructions or support.

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