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With e-identification you can identify your personal customers reliably by using Nordea's identification methods. Nordea is in the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority's register of strong electronic identification. This means that our e-identification service is a strong electronic identification service as referred to in the law.

In the e-identification service Nordea identifies a customer on your behalf

The identification data transmitted in the service can also be used to form an electronic signature if the customer identifying him-/herself and the service provider so agree. Nordea’s e-identification is based on the Tupas standard drafted by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. With the e-identification of Nordea and similar services of other Finnish banks, your company can reach a potential customer base of millions in Finland and increase the clientele of their online services.

Your benefits:

  • E-identification brings considerable development and maintenance cost savings.
  • By having your customers identify themselves in your service, you can make binding agreements, receive applications or offer access to protected services.
E-identification service renewal

From now on you can get all banks authentication methods supported with one contract and one integration with Nordea by using our new authentication service. Also the TUPAS-protocol used for a long time in strong customer authentication in Finland becomes history in September 2019 and this means changes for all services which currently use the e-identification service. 

More information about the new authentication service and the change in general can be found here.

Strong identification

For services that require strong identification, the Ministry of Finance recommends the banks' Tupas identification method.

E-identification is used in the electronic services of public administration, for example, in the tax administration, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) and in the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. An example of a successful public sector online service is where people can check their pension accrual information with their online banking codes.

In local administration, several forms and applications have been converted into electronic format. For example, on the websites of various cities, people can sign applications for day-care centres, rental apartments and subsistence subsidy reliably with the e-identification. Various municipal public utilities and companies can also use Nordea’s e-identification service on their websites.  E-identification could serve to attract new customers by allowing them, for example, the option to make an electricity agreement on the Internet.

The government

Besides local administration, the Finnish government has also taken an active role in promoting different kinds of online services. A good example is the “electronic forms Finland” service ( where the cooperation of different public authorities has made their forms available in one place in a cost-efficient and time-saving manner.

Insure hired household help with Varma's Pesti service

If you employ temporary household help, such as a nanny or a handyman, you can take care of the employee’s pension insurance at Varma’s Pesti service. You can declare your employees' personal and salary information as well as pay the premiums in the service. More information on the service is available at

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