Strong customer authentication

Electronic identification brokering services offer you an easy access to Finnish identification means and a way to authenticate your customers online. Electronic identification can also be used to form an electronic signature if the customer authenticating themselves and the service provider so agree. 

Your benefits:

  • Strong electronic identification brokering service brings considerable development and maintenance cost savings to your business.
  • Provide electronic identification for all Finnish customers with one agreement and integration.
  • Make binding agreements with, receive applications from or offer access to protected services to customers who have authenticated themselves.

Strong identification means supported by the brokering service:

  • Online banking codes provided by all Finnish banks
  • Mobile ID

Contact us to learn more about other Nordic identification means and how you could use them in your service.

Strong electronic identification

Strong electronic identification is used by hundreds of companies in the private sector (such as electricity and insurance companies and financial institutions) and in online public services. The number of users is growing steadily. Most public services, such as the services of the Tax Administration, Kela and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, use strong electronic identification through the web service. An example of a successful online public service is where people can check their pension record with their online banking codes. The strong electronic identification services offered by banks were used more than 150 million times in Finland in 2019.

In many online services, several forms and applications have been converted into electronic format. For example, on the websites of various cities, people can sign applications for day-care centres, rental flats and social assistance reliably with the strong identification means provided by banks. Various municipal institutions and companies can also use a strong identification service on their websites.