Corporate accounts

Find the most suitable account solution for your company’s needs. A current account, for example, is suitable for handling the daily finances of all companies – you can open one quickly online.

Everyone needs a bank account

The bank account is the centrepiece of your operation. It’s where your money is stored, it’s the source for your credit card and mobile payments, and it’s where the income from your sales finds a new home. Netbank and Mobile Bank are your access points to the account. And you can add multiple services to your account that will ease your daily operations.

Accounts for different companies

Basically, we offer two different corporate accounts:

  • Corporate Disposal Account for small and medium-sized companies
  • Corporate Current Account for large and medium-sized companies

The respective accounts are designed to meet the needs for businesses of different size and, consequently, different complexity in terms of transactions and financial needs. Thus, you get the solution that fits your operation. It comes as no surprise that almost all startups go for the Corporate Disposal Account and link all their payment services to the account.

If your business operates outside the Eurozone you might need a dedicated Foreign Currency Account to take care of your payments.

Corporate Disposal Account

An account for small and medium-sized enterprises to which you can link all your payment services.

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Corporate Current Account

Corporate Current Account is a payment account suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises.

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Foreign Currency Account

You need a Foreign Currency Account for taking care of payments outside the Eurozone. You can also use your account for currency position management.

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Feed your bookkeeper with numbers

All transactions are registered on your account. You have a complete overview of your expenses and sales. And - not least - your current balance. You can view it in real-time in Netbank and on Mobile bank. But even more important, you can transfer the account statement to your bookkeeper with a few clicks. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Account statement and transaction reports

In addition to the account statement, your company can choose various electronic reports that enable automatic updating of transactions.

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Balance statement

The balance statement shows the balances and transferred interests of accounts and credit accounts on the last day of the month.

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File transfer

A data transmission channel for electronic bank service files that covers all basic services for payments.

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Cash management

Liquidity management aims to guarantee your company's ability to meet its payment obligations. An important element is efficient cash management.

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