Cash supply services

Adopt Nordea's cash supply services for your company's use. Daily cash settlements will be credited to your account quickly and safely. You will get the change you need from the change deposit box at a branch, or you can make a transport agreement with a cash-in-transit service if your company handles a lot of cash.

Cash supply services agreement

To start using the cash supply services you need an agreement with us.

When you make the agreement, we will give you advice on where to leave your cash settlements for counting and how to get the change you need. You will also agree with us on the possible use of the night safe and the change deposit box.

Daily cash settlement

We recommend that companies use the coins received from customers as change to other customers. This will save in costs as the settlements will only contain bank notes and the company does not need change so often. 

We offer 3 different settlement forms to your company:

Bank note settlements and coin settlements are the most affordable of these three alternatives.

If your company has a Business Debit card, you can deposit your daily cash at a TalletusOtto ATM.

When you use the ATM, the cash will immediately be credited to your company's account.

Direct transport

Direct transport

If your company handles a lot of cash, we recommend you make a transport agreement with a cash-in-transit service. The cash-in-transit service will come to your company at agreed times and bring the pre-ordered change and take the daily cash settlements to be counted. If the cash-in-transit service is able to fit the visit to your company to the cash-in-transit vehicle's route, the price of the service will be more affordable.

Direct transport is suitable for companies of all sizes.

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We recommend that companies always use coins received from customers as change to other customers. This will save in costs as there is less counting of coins and acquisition of change.

Change from a branch

Change from a branch

Contact the Nordea Business Centre and make an appointment to an online meeting if you want to start using change supply services.

If you start using the change supply services, you can collect the change you have ordered any time during the opening hours of the branch even if the cash service time of the branch was limited.

When you make an agreement with Nordea on the use of the box, you will get a key to the box. You will order the change to the box from a cash-in-transit service.

You can make the change order on the Internet at the cash-in-transit service's website or by e-mail.

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