When can I make a card debit inquiry?

You can make a card debit inquiry, ie a claim concerning card transactions, to Nordea if

  • You notice card purchases and/or ATM withdrawals on your account statement which you have not made
  • a card purchase you have made has been debited twice
  • you have not received goods or services ordered with the card
  • the product you have received is faulty

First try to solve the matter directly with the service provider

If the seller has breached the contract (eg a transaction has been debited twice, you have not received the products you have ordered, or the product does not correspond to your order), first try to contact the seller. If you cannot settle the matter with the seller, you can make a claim to Nordea. Send us a copy of the correspondence between you and the seller (eg a reference number you have received for a canceller hotel booking) as an appendix to your claim.


Consider the following when you are filling in the claim form

If you cannot settle the matter with the seller fill in the Claim/Inquiry request form and send it via Omaposti or to the address printed on it within 14 days after receiving the invoice.

To be able to process your inquiry it is important that we get enough information on what has happened.

  • Fill in the form carefully. The form must include the cardholder's details and signature.
  • Remember that car rental companies have the right to debit unpaid refills and fines afterwards
  • Hotels have the right to debit unpaid minibar purchases afterwards. Not all hotel bookings made via the Internet include a cancellation right and the hotel is entitled to debit the price on one night's stay as a no-show fee.
  • If your card has been stolen or is misused, report the offence to the police in person. The police will investigate the offence on the basis of your report. Send us a copy of the report as an appendix to your claim.
  • Under Further information you can give specific details about the incident.
  • Append to the form all copies of any material which may prove your right to compensations, eg copies of correspondence between you and the company, confirmation of order, receipt, report of the offence, etc.
  • Also keep a copy of the form and appendices for yourself.

Claim/Inquiry request (pdf, 1 MB)Opens new window

Read Nordea's general card terms and conditions (pdf, 82 KB)Opens new window, specifically section 3: Cardholder’s duties and responsibilities. For further information, please call Nordea Customer Service.