Overdraft facility

An overdraft facility means a credit line linked to a payment account. It is suitable for short-term and seasonal working capital needs.

Features of overdraft facility

A payment account is the basis for your company’s cash management. It is possible to link an overdraft facility to the account. You can use the facility up to the agreed facility amount. Any incoming payments will automatically decrease the amount of the utilised facility, and your can reuse a corresponding facility amount.


  • credit interest according to the utilised amount and
  • facility interest charged on the entire overdraft facility.

Benefits for your business

  • An overdraft facility is a handy tool for cash management and balancing of seasonal fluctuations.
  • The account is a corporate payment account to which you can link all payment services, cards and Netbank services.
  • Credit interest is charged only on the amount of the overdraft facility that you have used.
  • You can apply for Finnvera's guarantee for the facility.