Changes in your company

Running a business often means dealing with changes, but sometimes it’s also about the courage to drive change. It may be changes in share capital or company structure. Or you may wish to involve your children or other partners in the business. Perhaps you’re even thinking about selling your business.

Making changes

Changing a business may take time, but careful preparation is important to ensure a smooth process. Each case is unique and sometimes complicated, so you may need support from experts. 

At some point you may start thinking about the future of your business. You might want to transfer ownership, but you don’t know how or when. Perhaps you wish to involve your children or other partners and transfer the ownership, or part of it, to them. You may even be thinking about selling your business. Whatever your situation, there are many questions to deal with and you also need to focus on running your business. 

Talk to your Private Banking adviser, who can introduce you to the relevant experts. They can help you plan and make the changes. And you also get advice on your personal wealth and the long-term assets of your business. 

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