What’s your approach to investing?

What’s the best solution for you? That obviously depends on your needs and your life situation. How much time do you want to spend managing your portfolio, your interest in the financial markets and how comfortable are you with making investment decisions?

Many of our clients choose to let our professional asset managers take care of parts of their assets and manage some parts themselves. It’s entirely up to you so talk to your adviser. Together you create a plan on how to grow and manage your assets in the best possible way.  Here are two different models.

1. You manage your investments together with us

Together with you we create a financial plan for your investments and assets. And you can always rely on our support with all our expertise and knowledge. This is a good solution if you prefer to have the final say on your investment portfolio based on discussions with your Private Banking adviser. 

2. We manage your investments

Managing wealth in an increasingly complex market environment is a growing challenge – but it also brings opportunities.

Through our discretionary portfolio management, you can rest assured in knowing that your wealth will be expertly managed according to your goals and risk tolerance and your view of risk. 

Different discretionary investment solutions tailored to suit your individual needs are available. We build your discretionary portfolio from a broad range of investment solutions, giving you access to markets and new opportunities around the world.

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