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Life rarely goes exactly as you planned. Events at your business, in your family or the world around you can impact your life situation and ultimately your wealth. But the better prepared you are for the future, the easier it is to deal with it.

At Private Banking we’re good at listening and understanding your situation. Together with you we look at all the different elements of your wealth. How do the different assets in your portfolio work together? What could be improved? How do you see the future? No matter whether you are planning for the short or long term, we create a secure foundation for you and your family.

Leave it to us

Do you believe there is more to life that following financial markets every day? Would you like all or part of your assets to be managed by our experts? Then discretionary portfolio management could be the right solution for you.

With a discretionary solution, your wealth is actively managed by Nordea’s investment professionals and you have the time and freedom to focus on more important things. Regular reports on the performance of your portfolio are of course part of this solution. 

Invest sustainably

At Nordea we have a long track record of working with sustainability. And with our internationally recognised team of experts we are leading the way within sustainable investment. This expertise is highly valuable if you’re interested in saving sustainably, as this is both a good investment and benefits society.

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