Working together – on your future

Optimising your wealth

We consider it very important to get a comprehensive understanding of your wealth and its structure – from pension savings and investable assets to properties and businesses. Together with our experts, you and your Private Banking adviser will create a plan for your current and future needs. We’re your partner when you want to discuss questions, plans and ideas.

Planning for life events

We help you prepare for major life events. It’s about securing the future for yourself, your children and your grandchildren. There are many questions which make sense to discuss in good time. Have you thought about your inheritance, how to live life when you retire or who should take care of your business in future? Your Private Banking adviser is ready to guide you together with our team of specialists.

Living in a globalised world

Maybe you live abroad or have homes in several countries. Maybe you have an international career or children who want to study and settle down abroad. When it comes to your wealth, this can introduce an additional level of complexity. Let’s discuss your options.

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