A good return is most often the key objective for every investment. But the way this return is achieved is also important. Knowing that investments are made in a responsible way is becoming more and more important every day, both for Nordea Private Banking and for our clients.

By investing your money in a sustainable way, you can make a great difference

Perhaps you are concerned about what’s going on in the environment, with pollution, climate changes and melting glaciers. Or perhaps you would like to contribute to better working conditions, equal opportunities and fairness in companies worldwide. All these purposes could be fulfilled if you invest in a sustainable and responsible way.

As an investor or fund unit holder, you are in fact directly or indirectly an owner of one or many different companies. Every investment choice you make can have great impact – especially if you invest long term, such as in pension savings or for the next generation.  
How can you be sure a company you want to invest in behaves in a responsible way? What if its production processes severely pollute the environment or it uses child labour at its factories? As a private person it is not easy to find this kind of information, but we can guide you.

Things to consider when you want to invest in a sustainable way
  • Do the companies I want to invest in behave in a responsible way?
  • Do they counteract environmental pollution?
  • Do they take measures to prevent corruption?
  • Do they have subcontractor that use child labour?
  • Do they adhere to international law?
  • Do they accept unions and do they offer good working conditions and equal opportunities?

As one of the largest banks in Europe, we have substantial experience in sustainable investments. Through our internationally recognised team of sustainable investment specialists, working closely together with asset managers and brokers, we provide different options and can help you find the best solutions within responsible investments.