Make a difference by investing sustainably

As an investor or a holder of fund units, you are directly or indirectly an owner of one or many different companies. Every investment choice you make can have great impact. Especially if you invest long term, such as in pension savings or for the next generation. By choosing a sustainable investment you can make a positive contribution. At Nordea we focus on climate and the environment as well as social and economic sustainability.

But how can you be sure that a fund you want to invest in acts in a responsible way? Our experts monitor this. They gain a thorough understanding of the activities of the various companies and analyse how well positioned they are for the future. Because we believe that investing sustainably offers great potential – both for you and for society.

Things to consider when you want to invest in a sustainable way

  • Do the companies act in a responsible way?
  • Do they counteract environmental pollution?
  • Are they conscious of risks?
  • Do they take measures to prevent corruption?
  • Do they have subcontractors that use child labour?
  • Do they adhere to international law?
  • Do they accept unions and do they offer good working conditions and equal opportunities?
  • Are the companies transparent in their communication?
  • Do the companies conduct lifecycle analyses?
  • Are their products sustainable longer term? 

As one of the largest banks in Europe, we have substantial experience in sustainable investments. Through our internationally recognised team of sustainable investment specialists, working closely together with asset managers and brokers, we provide different options and can help you find the best solutions within responsible investments.

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