Your holding company

Sometimes assets are not owned personally; part of your wealth might be managed through a company. There could be advantages to such a solution, but also important differences that require other considerations. Let our experts at Private Banking help you.

The optimal structure for your wealth

What is the current ownership structure? Are your assets held in an optimal way? And what is your plan? We help you review the ownership structure and propose changes as required. It may be advantageous to hold the assets in a holding or investment company. But this initially requires business and tax considerations.

Another important aspect is to consider your assets over the longer term. Do you want to sell them to external buyers or keep them in the family? Should your business be passed on to the next generation? Should it be as gifts, inheritance or through a sale? But what happens if some of the money is to be paid out? And can you maintain control even after transferring ownership? These are some of the questions that our experts can help you answer.


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