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No matter whether you prefer traditional or alternative investments, you can find a solution to fit you and your needs. Some of our solutions are described below. Questions? Talk to your adviser who will be happy to help you.

Sustainable investments

At Nordea we integrate sustainability into our investment products and have a thorough screening process for responsible investments. This adds value both to you as a client and to society at large. As part of this ambition, we have launched our Nordea Sustainable Selection offering, which includes funds as well as entire portfolios and pension solutions. Analysts and sustainability experts collaborate with our experienced management team, leaving no stone unturned in their work. The selection is based on a combination of field trips, close dialogue with the companies as well as ESG and thematic analyses. Nothing is left to chance. And at the same time our engagement provides detailed and unique knowledge of the invested companies.SG performers. The portfolio managers do this through a combination of ESG analysis, company dialogues, thematic research, engagement and field trips.

Discretionary portfolio management

With a discretionary portfolio management agreement, you authorise us to manage your investments. In consultation with your adviser, you choose your preferred investment approach. The managers then ensure that your discretionary portfolio gives you access to markets and opportunities around the world. Always in accordance with our market view and recommendations and based on your risk preferences and the purpose of your investment.

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Invest through the leading asset managers

In addition to Nordea’s own award-winning funds, we offer an extensive range of investment funds from our selected international partners, covering all major asset classes. Our preferred partner model means that you can be sure that the funds we recommend to you are handpicked and closely monitored by us. 

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Alternative investments

Are you interested in investing outside the equity and bond markets? Then alternative investments may be a useful solution for you. Alternative investments behave differently from traditional asset classes and can consequently be applied to diversify the risks of your portfolio. Private Banking offers a range of alternative investments. Whether alternative investments are suitable for your portfolio depends on your financial situation and your view of return and risk.

Equity trading and brokerage services

Maybe you prefer to manage a portfolio of individual securities on your own. But our brokerage and equity specialists are also available to help you if you want to discuss ideas. As a Private Banking client, you have access to market research, newsletters and reports as well as our managers’ recommendations and our large research database. We also offer online solutions to help you with your strategy if you want to trade on your own.

Insurance investments

Insurance investment is a form of investment whose benefits are often best seen in the long term. It is particularly well suited to preparations for retirement and saving for a child or a grandchild. Besides accruing your wealth, it is a flexible way to transfer wealth to your close relatives.

Insurance investments enable you to distribute your assets to various alternatives, such as funds and investment baskets. You can change your investments according to your targets, activity and risk appetite. The return you will obtain from your insurance policy depends on the performance of the invested assets, and it will not be subject to tax until you draw it down or your contract expires.

Your Private Banker will advise you on how to best utilise insurance investments to implement your investment plan and targets and help you find the insurance investment solution that will meet your needs.

Pensions in other countries

Have you lived abroad? Perhaps you have a company pension scheme or a personal pension earned in another country. Transferring your pension back to your home country can be quite difficult, but we can help you.

Our specialists guide you through the whole process – from contact with foreign authorities to the legal documents, the actual transfer of your pension and the investment of your capital.

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