Would you like to engage in philanthropy?

Many people think that you’ll have to invest vast sums of money to be a philanthropist. But it’s not just about the money. You can also contribute with your own time, your knowledge and your network. 

There are many important issues to engage in. The environment, health, poverty, education and culture are just some of the areas where we can help each other create a better future for ourselves and the coming generations. 

Today it is clearer than ever before that philanthropy is becoming increasingly important to finance businesses and individual projects, but also to highlight opportunities and development. Creating connections that can make a real difference.

Perhaps you would like to start a foundation to donate some of your wealth for a specific purpose. Another way could be to contribute as a board member of an established foundation. Or to devote your time and expertise by working as a volunteer. If you are a business owner, you might want to start a philanthropic project at your company, engaging your staff at the same time.

Some ways to give back

  • Donate to non-profit organisations or foundations
  • Make a donation in your will for a specific purpose
  • Set up a foundation, on your own or together with others
  • Work pro bono for a non-profit organisation
  • Engage in or become a board member of an existing foundation
  • Volunteer or engage in specific projects

Talk to your adviser. We have considerable experience and expertise to help you fulfil your philanthropic ambitions. Please contact us if you have thoughts and ideas involving philanthropy.

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