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Invoicing and payments

Invoice your customers with an e-invoice and handle your payments with file transfer or through Netbank. Merchant Acquiring lets you offer your customers the option of paying with a card, which means the cash will be quickly transferred to your account.

Pave the way for your payments

Paying your daily expenses and suppliers should be as smooth as possible. In most cases you can build routines backed by our services and technology. The same goes for invoicing and the various ways your customers can pay for your products and services.

We have listed the best solutions for you below. 

Money in

Make it easy for your customers to pay you.



Many businesses get paid for their products and services using invoices. Be sure that you balance your payment terms so that you keep a steady cash flow as well as stay competitive. When you do your invoicing, you must set up routines for checking incoming payments and send out reminders to the customers who don’t pay on time. If you just want to use your Netbank we recommend our E-invoice service - you can create and send invoices directly in Netbank. You could also consider Taimer which is an invoicing software that helps you keep track of your incoming cash flow.

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Online shops
Physical shops

Money out

Choose the right payment methods for the specific situation.

Recurring payments (salaries, rent, etc.)

Recurring payments (salaries, rent, etc.)

When you have recurring payments of fixed amounts you can set-up the payments in Netbank or Mobile Bank once and for all.

Do you know E-salary? It’s a service that delivers payslips directly to your employees Netbank, despite what bank they use.

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Daily expenses
International payments