Payment orders, i.e. cash deliveries

Payment order means that the party sending the payment, such as the state, the Tax Administration or some other company does not know the recipient’s account number. In this case, the payment will be sent as a payment order, i.e. a cash delivery, to Nordea. The recipient can withdraw the payment by presenting the letter notifying them of the payment order. A payment order is delivered to the recipient on the basis of address information, and the recipient must have an address in Finland.

Redemption of a payment order

By the recipient:

You may receive a tax refund, for example, as a money order in which case Nordea will send you a letter notifying you of the payment order. With this letter, you can withdraw the tax refund from Nordea branch providing cashier services. When visiting a branch, remember to take the payment order and your ID document (passport or ID card) issued by an authority with you. 

If you make the withdrawal by post, use the giro form in the arrival notice. Add your account number to the form and sign it. Please note that you can only bank through the postal service if you are a Nordea customer. 

Please return the form in a sealed envelope to:

Nordea Bank Oyj
2360 Support and advice
Info 1660
Tunnus 5001230

Postage is paid by Nordea.

The bank will return a payment order which has not been redeemed to the payer after the last redemption date. As regards non-redeemed payment orders, we recommend that you contact the payer.

By a person authorised by the recipient:

You can also authorise another person to redeem a payment order for you. Please fill in and sign the power of attorney included in the letter notifying you of the payment order. Upon the redemption of the payment order, the authorised person must prove their identity with an identity document (passport or ID card) issued by an authority.

The person redeeming a payment order for an organisation, a death estate or a minor must prove to the bank their right to represent the recipient of the payment order.